Xperia M2

Xperia Z series look and feel gets more affordable in Sony's latest mid-range handset

Mobile World Congress

Alongside its new Xperia Z2 flagship smartphone and Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony's also showing off a new mid-range offering, the Xperia M2, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Based on the look and feel of the Xperia Z series, the M2 brings Sony's high-end "Omnibalance" design language to a more affordable product. With a qHD (960x540)-resolution 4.8-inch screen, the M2 won't be winning any awards for display sharpness — but colors do at least look bright and vivid.

Performance, too, is decent across the board. The M2's 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor seems just a little snappier than rivals like the Moto G. Imaging is another area where Sony's looking to differentiate from the mid-level competition. The phone boasts an 8-megaixel Exmor RS camera alongside its modular camera app, which includes AR (augmented reality) functionality, along with Superior Auto, Manual and other shooting modes.

On the software side, the M2 is running the previous Xperia UI, not the Android 4.4-based firmware found on the Z2. So instead you're running Jelly Bean and a UI that looks just a bit dated compared to Sony's latest and greatest software. Nevertheless, the phone runs a full suite of Sony apps including Walkman with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and the PlayStation app.

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Sony Xperia M2 hands-on


Why do so many reviews say qHD screen is not sharp?? The Xperia P screen was qHD and very sharp. It's a mid range with decent enough specs not every phone is going to have HD screen

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qHD at 4-inches on the Xperia P isn't necessarily that bad. When you go to qHD at 4.8-inches, it starts to be pretty low in the pixel density department. Also, it's 2014 — we kinda expect 720p for mid-range devices, especially from an OEM like Sony.

What's wrong with jelly bean? It still runs very well compared to kit Kat

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