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It's been barely a couple of weeks since AT&T and Sony took the wraps off the Xperia Ion at CES, but already the device is starting to show up for pre-order, along with early pricing information. Right now Negri Electronics is listing the (unlocked, SIM-free) Ion with a tentative pre-order price of $569.50. Of course, having an unlocked version of an AT&T phone isn't particularly useful in the US, as you'll be limited to EDGE connectivity if you try to use this thing on T-Mobile.

Negri's spec list also shows that the Ion supports 3G/HSPA on 2100MHz, which means that if you plan on using your Ion in Europe or parts of Asia, you won't be stuck on 2G. For more on the Ion, as well as its international cousin the Xperia S, check out our side-by-side comparison video.

Source: Negri Electronics


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Sony Xperia Ion unlocked pre-order price emerges


Yes, the Xperia Ion has a micro SD slot.
The Xperia S however doesn't which sucks since i like the look of the S more then the Ion.

if we buy this mobile,unlocked means if mobile have any problem future mean we can able to claim for sony service center in world wide.....?