Bloomberg is reporting that Sony will introduce their Android-based 'Google TV' at Google I/O. Remember, 'Google TVs' are TV sets that use Intel Atom chips and run an optimized Android OS. Having Android on a TV could very well be the solution to all our crappy TV UI's. It also could not.

What's kind of interesting, however, is that Sony is using a new version of Android called 'Dragonpoint' to power these TVs. We've never heard of Dragonpoint before, and though it sounds insanely cool, it's probably just code for Android optimized for TV usage. Or it could be awesome.

Basically, there's much to find out about these new Google TV sets and Google I/O is the perfect stage for it to be introduced. Considering the likes of Sony, Intel, and Google are involved, it has to be big. Google I/O is set for May 19th and 20th. We can't wait.


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Sony will introduce Android-based Dragonpoint Google TV at Google I/O


it seems weird to me that Sony is giving up the XMB, not that i liked it on tvs, and going with android. Sony usually takes their own route with everything.

I am happy to see Sony playing nice for once; maybe the beating they took from the PS3 is teaching them to win from innovation more than restriction.