Given the breadth and consistency of leaks surrounding Sony's upcoming late 2013 flagship phone, codenamed "Honami," there seems little doubt we'll see the device at the company's IFA 2013 press conference on Sept. 4. The handset is rumored to be marketed as "Xperia i1" or "Xperia Z1," and feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and a 20-megapixel camera with Sony G Lens.

And now Sony's getting in on the pre-release antics, with a couple of Twitter-based teasers.

The first describes it as "the smartphone everyone’s been talking about" -- a sneaky reference to all those leaks, perhaps -- while confirming that yes, it'll have a power button.

Next up is a reference to the phone being water resistant -- not too surprising considering the manufacturer's track record.

And a crafty retweet by British carrier EE suggests that it might be preparing to carry the "Honami" when it arrives in the UK.

However things unfold, we'll be live from Berlin on Sept. 4 to bring you full coverage of Sony's new phone.

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Sony needs to drop the Xperia name. Come up with something fresh. And take over America.

hodan says:

And also make consumer grade rail guns.

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mssca says:

I wish Samsung also manufacturer a high end device with water ad sock resistance.

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Those pesky socks...

NoNexus says:

I hate them as much as the underpants gnomes

nvillaco says:

Step 1: Collect underpants. Step 2: ? Step 3: PROFIT

MarkSeven says:

Especially the ones that advertise water..

ConTejas says:

S4 active, yo.

sunburned says:

So they finally put punishing specs in a flagship Xperia, but then gave it the same 5" screen as the Z and made the bezels even bigger??? If this was in the body of the ZL, it would crush all competition.

Jin_BR says:

The screen is different from the Z, it is the same as the Z Ultra, Triluminous something... and the large bezels must be to support water resistance, like Z and Z Ultra, and not like ZL/ZQ that do not support that feature.

Podolsky says:

Lets see what Sony has to show us...

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hodan says:

I heard this phone runs on perpetual motion.

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sublimaze says:

Actually, that's not a bad idea. Watches have had kinetic & solar powered technology for years. Why not use that tech in a phone? Obviously, it would not completely replace current rechargable lithium ion batteries, but it would still extend the time between charges.

CoreRooted says:

Completely agree! Given that many of us carry our devices in pockets, backpacks, etc, using kinetic motion to charge while the device is in motion would be HUGE!

They should call it the Xperia B1. Xperia Bezel 1.

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NovaWiz says:

All Bezel related Complaints from a Nexus 7 user are null and void. The N7 is the king of overdone bezels.(on N7 2013 only 62% of front area used for the screen)

ConTejas says:

Not relevant on a tablet. It's by design and everyone who has one loves it. No bezels needed on a phone.

Jacques says:

I'm very intrigued to see if this phone can deliver. I also wonder how they were able to squeeze a 20 megapixel camera and retain its same size. Looks like I'm now looking at the G2, Honami, and Nexus 5 as my next phone. :-)

I will add that I hope they make this phone available to more than just T-Mobile this time out.

ConTejas says:

All great choices, but in reality only one of those 3 will still be fresh and "new" in Q3 2014 ; )

NoNexus says:

OS wise yeah but feature wise, still lacking

droidhead_1 says:

Note 3 and Maxx are on my list as well but I'm leaning towards this phone. Big Bezel or not.

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NoNexus says:

i have the same list, only it is the One Max, not the motorola maxx

droidhead_1 says:

I was thinking the One Max as well. I'm not on Verizon. Although leaked shots makes me think it may be to big for me.

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Is waterproofing really a difference maker for folks looking for a smartphone? Plus I hate flaps on the ports.

Tweak the icons and the color scheme of the skin a bit and it'll be impressive. I find that these manufactures work so hard on the hardware and stuffing in a ton of sometimes useless features, they forget the aesthetics of skin. HTC nailed Sense 5. Best non-stock skin by far.

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NoNexus says:

Difference maker? No
not bad to have? Yes

I agree with you that Sense 5 is great but you do realize that a front end developer is different than a program developer right? I will agree that most need to spend more time on the look, but there is nothing wrong with all the features in the "skin" itself.

MarkSeven says:

Could never get used to the "Xperia" name..

NoNexus says:

Yeah this phone makes my top three for my next phone and I am really hoping that it is not branded with "Xperia" all over it

catnamedog says:

I got the Xperia S when it first came out as the "flagship" Xperia. It was that for about 3 months before Sony released a raft of other phones - some of which had accessories that were not compatible with the S. Couple that with the terrible Orange/EE coverage, and I feel that Sony are only interested in the very latest device, and don't want to support other, slightly older phones. Their customer service is non-existant. Ask Xperia owners about the yellow screen problem! So, when my 2-year contract with Orange is up next March, I WON'T be getting a Sony. Not even the one with anti-gravity. I'll look at the Galaxy series, or maybe even a Nokia win phone (shudder).

RaiderWill says:

It Is My Belief,
That.. "HONAMI" should Continue to be the name of this unit..
*** The 20 Megapixel Sony Honami ***

dragonsamus says:

I'm hoping it comes to the US quick. I'm ready for one.

Love me some Sony gear.

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DavidJ726 says:

I've never paid much attention to Sony smart phones, but these rumored camera specs have piqued my interest. I wonder how you all would rate the past Sony Smartphones against past competing products/vendors such as HTC or Samsung?