Sony has already had one apparent leak of an unannounced smartwatch in a promo for their Sony SmartBand but the device now dubbed as the SmartWatch 3 has appeared once again in some rather grainy renders.

According to info obtained by 9to5Google, the SmartWatch 3 will feature a 1.68-inch 320 x 320 display and will be IP58 certified, be powered by Android Wear but that's where the details stop.

As for the SmartBand, it's noted that it will be introduced as the SmartBand Talk and will feature a curved e-ink display as well as bluetooth and is meant to be a follow up to the Sony SWR10 released earlier this year. Both devices are expected to be fully revealed at IFA 2014 in just a few days.


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Sony SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk spotted in grainy renders


Sprint folks, start your engines.

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I tried using the smartband because I like Sony but the companion apps ruined it. Even with a Sony phone (I have the Z2) two apps must run to use it, and they both have persistent notifications in the status bar. And the life log app, which is the one you actually use, insists that you have location enabled fully, meaning high accuracy mode. Or as I like to call it: battery sucking mode. Otherwise the aforementioned persistent notification always tells you to turn it on. No thanks Sony.

I have never had an issue with leaving Locations setting on full. Perhaps it is the Sony apps that are eating your juice up so quickly?

It's about time Sony. Wear is the new fad for manufacturers. Join the bandwagon. Lol.

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Um Sony was one of the first major MFR to even make a smartwatch with the Live Wear. This will be their 4th gen watch. It helps to research.

You obviously didn't read my post. They are fine and been fine not using Wear. They are on their 4TH GEN WATCH. Samsung is not slowing down using Tizen and Sony obviously is not slowing down using their proprietary OS. Why do they need to join a bandwagon when they have strength with their own. Learn to READ.

It took one year for Sony to refresh their Sony Smartwatch line because like smartphones, you need time to cultivate your device ecosystem and let it ripen by realizing mistakes (bugs) and correcting them (fixes/FW updates).

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No android wear, although I'd still give it a shot I would buy an android wear first. No longer have my Xperia since it was still on 4.2 this year and right before I sold it was updated to 4.3. Sony needs to fix their updates schedule before they continue in other endeavors. 360 or lg g watch r for me.

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