"The best of Sony is about to get even better"

It's not like we haven't already had a pretty good look at the Xperia Z1 (or "Honami") thanks to a spate of pre-release leaks, but this morning Sony's taken things a step further with a preview of — well, essentially the entire device.

A new teaser video shows a device similar in design to the original Xperia Z, with a Sony "G"-branded rear camera, a physical camera button and waterproof credentials, before stating "The best of Sony is about to get even better."

In a tweet linking to the video, the official Sony Xperia Twitter account said, "3...2....what comes next?," which suggests that the rumored Z1 name could be right on the money. Purported specs include a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 20-megapixel rear camera with Sony G Lens and a five-plus-inch screen.

We're almost certain to see the the Xperia Z1 unveiled on Sept. 4 at Sony's pre-IFA press conference, but between this trailer and the various pre-release leaks, there might not be too much we haven't already seen.

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Sony shows pretty much all of the Xperia Z1 in new teaser video


Here's to hoping they included a MicroSD slot like their other flagships. It's sad to see that the only high-end phones released this year with expandable storage are the S4 and (maybe) the Note 3.

I don't understand why they ruin the surprise??

Everything about Moto X was known before it was revealed. Same goes for this. There is no excitement left during the event. Unless they have certain surprises left (highly doubt that), nothing left to see here.

The only thing I'm left wanting to see or hear during the event is a price and launch date... although these events often don't reveal specific launch dates.

It seems to be a marketing gimmick these days, apple also suffered the same fate with the IPad mini. Even in the music industry. Drake kanye West and Jay Z leaked their official albums before the actual release date.

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Don't understand why there's is not more buzz about this line of devices.. Only downsides is a thicker bezel then most new phones.

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Because Sony is a relatively minor player here in the states since they only release a few phones on limited carriers. When I think new phone, I think Samsung, HTC, LG then maybe Sony is an after thought.

Hopefully this will change and Sony will release this on all carriers. It is a nice device.

I rather like it that Sony does not release a device on the major carriers. Since Sony removed the carrier interference, they can update the phones when they want to and not get blamed for slow updates. Just look at the unlocked ZL they released in the states versus the locked versions they released in Canada. The carriers took their time to "test" the update making their users wait.

People in the states just think of Samsung, HTC and LG because they can get the phones for a subsidized price here.

Really want this phone. Almost pulled the trigger on the Z1 but knew this was around the corner and with a few other phones sporting an S800 chip. I had just decided a long time ago my next phone would be 2 cycles ahead of my Nexus 4. The Moto X made me think about changing my mind though. Really lots of amazing phones coming down the pipeline really soon.

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Wait! Did anyone else notice that the earphone jack is uncovered when it takes a dive in the bubbly water!!! No more cover flaps huraaah!

Obviously waterproof phones have been out for sometime, but damn, that ending to a 30 second video was just insanely awesome.

i need this now, good thing i held off on a htcone, my nexus 4 is still holding up!

I wish Sony would have a bigger presence in the US. I would love to get my hands on one of these in Sprint!

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Hmmm... now that I'm on T-Mobile, this is really tempting. I'm mostly holding out to see the Nexus 5, but if rumors are right about specs, and given Sony's VERY open-door policy with their bootloaders and source code, I could be swayed in this direction without a ton of effort...