Sony Android Internet box

Sony has shown off a new Television set-top box at the Bravia event in Singapore, and it runs Android -- Google TV version two specifically. Beyond that, we don't know much more about the unit, but that won't stop us from looking at the pictures for clues about features. 

We see some really interesting things on the remote. The first is that it appears to be a track pad, probably the same one that was demonstrated at CES. If so, that's twice we've seen it from Sony, and we imagine it will become the standard. We're loving that idea. We also can see record and DVR buttons, which may mean internal storage on the unit itself for video recording. Then there's the 3D button, that may mean 3D is on-board the box itself. Flip the remote over and you have a 61-button keypad that looks pretty functional (and busy). 

What we can't guess about is an availability date or a price. All the features in the world won't help it if consumers buy the $100 solutions from Boxee or Roku. As soon as Sony says something official, we may have those answers. We're ready for a successor to the Logitech Revue, and this one has our interest piqued. Hit the break for two more pictures

Source: CNet Asia

Sony Android Internet box

Sony Android Internet box


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Sony shows a new Android-powered set-top box in Singapore


Still haven't moved away from the PS3 or XBox features for using applications that are watched in daily routine such as Netflix or HuluPlus.
However, eventually these components may peak my interest enough to pick one up and test it out. Afterall, it is easier to put into a second bedroom without any internet apps within it to get some features there without having to buy or move a console system.

I still use my Xbox360 in my main room for IPTV features, but recently purchased a Roku for $50 just for MLB and Amazon Prime in the bedroom. I agree that I haven't yet seen a need for additional apps, so the pricing mentioned in the article makes sense. That's their main competition now...

The revue also has a dvr and record button. that doesn't mean it has on board memory. It is just used to interface with the STB

I am still looking forward to the Vizio VAP430. Seems like it will be an awesome little device with an great price point.

I have a Revue and I'm ready for an updated STB. I use it for watching videos on Amazon Prime mainly but that keeps force closing on me :(