Sony tablet?

Sony is building a 9.4-inch Android 3.0 tablet with a custom UI based around its Qriocity service, according to reports from Engadget. Citing two independent sources within Sony, Engadget says the tablet is currently known by its internal codename of 'S1', and is being developed by engineers from the VAIO, PlayStation, Sony Ericsson and Sony Reader groups.

The tablet's brand new UI is said to be built upon Android 3.0 Honeycomb and focused around Sony's Qriocity on-demand entertainment service. The S1 is also reported to feature Bravia media remote capability and PlayStation support.

The most interesting thing about the S1, though, is the design sketch pictured above. According to Engadget's sources, its bulged side is designed to make it comfortable to use in a variety of ways. When laid down flat, the bulge props the tablet up; when held in the hand, it gives the user something more comfortable to grip onto. The bulge is also said to house most of the tablet's components, including its battery and Tegra 2 processor. Other reported features include a USB port for connecting flash drives and the like, as well as an IR transmitter to control non-Bravia TV's.

Sony is apparently aiming to ship the S1 this September for around $599, and we're definitely looking forward to finding out more about this intriguing little box of tricks. Sony will need to come up with something special to compete with the slew of Honeycomb tablets that'll be launching over the next few months, and we'll be watching with interest to see whether they can pull it off with the S1. [Engadget]

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ricbon says:

its bulged side is designed to make it comfortable to use in a variety of ways.....thats what she said...

illdini says:

If $599 is the unsubsidized price, I'd be interested.

rizzay1 says:

$599 & honeycomb gots my attention

Alex Dobie says:

September though. Chances are Xoom and the like will be around the same price by then.

Droid hungry says:

I don't think that they would drop that fast from that high.

moosc says:

if a company makes a computer they'll get on tablet craze also

mrmurdstone says:

$599? Haven't they gotten the word that all android tablets should have a list price of at least $800. Geez, posers!

trenen says:

$599? Maybe for the deposit. You can't expect anything from Sony to be under $1,000


and I love Sony products, regardless :)