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Good news for custom ROM developers, as Sony Mobile has just released the kernel source code for its recent Xperia S Android 4.0.4 update, as it's required to do under the open source rules. The open source archive, based on the just-launched v6.1.A.0.452 ICS firmware, weighs in at around 132MB, and will be an essential download for anyone preparing aftermarket firmware for Sony's international flagship phone. Regular users and ROM-flashers won't find much of interest here for the moment. Instead, the benefit of this code should show itself in the weeks ahead, in the form of stable, more functional ICS ROMs for the Xperia S.

Developers can grab the 132MB archive from Sony over at the source link.

Source: Sony Developer World; via: XperiaBlog

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Saneless says:

Samsung releases it on day 1. SONY of all companies has now beat HTC. This whole illusion of HTC being good with developers is pretty weak and they need to get on it.

If Sony didn't have such inconsistent and weird hardware and a tiny developer community I'd probably buy one.

cenkaetaya says:

HTC hasnt been good at anything since the day Windows Mobile died.

All their good products were in the windows mobile days, and maybe the G1

I now think of them as probably the worst manufacturer, along with Motorola.

horacenick says:

great news , hope very soon they will released ICS for P, U and Sola then source code also.

Hopefully the ION will be soon.