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The official Sony Xperia T Jelly Bean update might still be a few months away, but in order to give developers a sneak peek at what's ahead, Sony has released an early alpha ROM for the device. The Xperia T Jelly Bean alpha can be flashed using Sony's own flash tool, after unlocking the Xperia T via the official bootloader unlock utility.

A few caveats apply here -- radio functionality like Bluetooth, Wifi and mobile data is not included (likely for regulatory reasons), nor are Google apps. In addition, Sony says the UI has not yet been updated to reflect the final look and feel of the Xperia Jelly Bean firmware -- i.e. what's on the new Xperia Z. And crucially, if you unlock your Xperia T and apply this alpha ROM, you won't be able to update to the official Jelly Bean firmware once it's released. So this ROM really is one for advanced users and adventurous devs only.

Hopefully today's release will accelerate the progress of Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs for the Xperia T. If nothing else, we'd expect this to be hacked into something with working radios and Google Apps in a relatively short space of time. If you possess both a Sony Xperia T and a strong sense of adventure, you can find full instructions over at the source link.

Source: Sony Developer World Blog


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Sony releases Jelly Bean alpha for Xperia T


Honest to God, can't any of the "Editors" on this site write a coherent sentence? " functionality like Bluetooth, Wifi and mobile data is now included (likely for regulatory reasons), nor are Google apps." What does that mean? Is radio functionality included or not? Following a statement that something is included by then stating "nor" is something else included doesn't make sense. Proof reading is your friend.

I figured it out after a few seconds... obviously it was meant to be NOT included. Please fix!

Now, how many Experia T's are out there that one would want to try out this meaningless, functionless alpha build? Sony has miles to go in phones...

They are expecting feedback from developers on XDA.

This ROM is intended to Custom ROM developers such as FXP Team that build CyanogenMod for Xperia devices, you're confusing Sony with Sony Ericcson... Since Sony buought the whole mobile part from Ericcson they are managing how to re structure th company and the process for updates.

And this is why i like Sony over Samsung, where are the Exynos documentation?