SmartWatch 2

Sony has released an Instagram smart extension for its SmartWatch 2. This handy little app enables owners of the smartwatch to check through Instagram notifications, as well as friends' comments while on the move. New activities in the account feed will be pulled down, triggering a vibration-based alert.

Just when you thought custom watch faces and wallpapers were everything, Instagram comes knocking on your watch with some social updates. Ready to get started with the photo sharing network and your SmartWatch 2? Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Via: Xperia Blog


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Sony releases Instagram app extension for the SmartWatch 2


I see Sony has posted several updates in the last 2 or 3 months on this watch and reduced the price to $139. With the onset of competition from Motorola and LG (not to mention current competition from Pebble and Toq) I wonder how this device with its latest software updates fairs against the rest. At the right price point it could be worth while.

Owner of one I can tell you that is a good device as long as you don't expect to cook for you or do your laundry figurative speaking. Is a good add-on to our smartphone induce life. Being able to see my notifications (emails, sms, etc.) without the need to pick the phone you will find liberating in many situations and help me stay productive at work. Love the battery life and there are some applications that make the watch very useful. Like the ones to control the music and the ones to import widgets to the watch and use them as they were in the phone. The always on screen (reflective light that is) for me is the best feature. No need to touch it to see the time, and the double touch to see it at night is a nice addition. Help me in many situation to remember that I left my phone behind when it vibrate when it disconnect and find my phone is good for those times you misplace it.