Sony camera lens

Deliveries start on September 27

Update: AC reader skippyrulezzz points out that the QX100 is now listed as well. The bigger sensor will cost a bit more, and it checks in at $498. Still the same September 27 date for shipping.

The Sony QX10 — that quirky lens camera that attaches to your smartphone we saw yesterday — is already listed for pre-order at Amazon. Checking in at $248, the lens attachment comes in both black and white, and other vendors have built starter kits with cases, wee little tripods and SD cards built around the camera.

AC reader Horaland H tells us that it ships September 17 in the UK, but it's a little more costly at $279. 

While the DX10 doesn't give you the power you get from something like a DSLR or good micro 4/3 camera (that lack of RAW image files is puzzling), for the average consumer they should take great pictures. Surely better than anything you would get from any other smartphone, no matter how many Lumapixels MegaPixels are on board.

If anyone's interested in having a play with one of these (guilty) hit the link below to check things out. No word on when to expect to see the bigger QX100 just yet.

Source: Amazon (QX10), (QX100). Thanks, Tony!

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Yay that was my tip!

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You getting one? It's hard to not click on the silver. HTC One would make an excellent viewfinder for it :P

I'm definitely getting one Jerry! Love the HTC one camera overall, but imagine the concert photos I could take.

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Horaland H says:

Sept 16th in the uk, though we get to pay $279

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+1. Added info to the post

skippyrulzzz says:

the qx100 is up on amazon as well. $498 and same september 27th release date.

Adding it now. Had a feeling i should have waited just a few minutes :P


skippyrulzzz says:

they've actually both been up since yesterday or the day before. i really want that 100... i just can't justify it. *cough*acgiveaway*cough*

Jacques says:

I like the way you think on this one! :-)

Cool, if you have access to the Sony employee discount, the store lists them at $225 and $450 with availability on 9/25. (The Sony employee discount is like the Apple store EPP discount; lots of companies have access to it.)

vansmack says:

They are #1 (QX100), #2 (QX10B) and #4 (QX10W) in Amazon's top Digital camera sales.

I'm amazed the QX100 is outselling the QX10, but that could be because of the two different colors of the QX10.

DJCBS says:

LOL Actually you forgot the "i" in "Lumapixels".

Anyway...449€ ( for the Sony QX100 is a bit heavy granted I still have to get the Z1. But certainly something worth keeping in the wishlist for the future (eventually the prices also come down)

No RAW is a no go for me. I will wait for future iterations of this. Exciting nonetheless.

vansmack says:

I've resigned myself to waiting too. The lack of a full Manual Mode I can kind of understand given the small latency between the camera and the phone, but the lack of a dedicated Shutter Priority mode and no RAW mean this particular version is not for me. But I remain excited and hope it succeeds.

Maybe since it is an accessory, the Android Central store can carry it. :-) Have a $50 prize to redeem. Waiting for just the right toy.

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skippyrulzzz says:

wondering if sony or accessory makers will make a case (is that even what they're calling it?) with an integrated mount for other phones, like the one for the z1. maybe even something with a better flash than most of our phones have.

jibblator says:

Exactly what I was might sound like a minor thing but I don't want one if I can't get a case for it for my HTC One

rd_nest says:

Too costly for now. Will wait for prices to come down.

mhelfer says:

Best Buy has them for pre-order as well.