Sony job posting

Remember when it broke that Sony might be working on a Playstation-branded Android 3.0 gaming phone? Well, it seems now that Sony is actively seeking game developers with Android experience, as seen from the job posting screen shot above. This could mean nothing, but my money is that Sony is looking to bolster it's internal game development teams with some Android mojo to ensure they have some launch titles for that Android 3.0 PSPhone. But, we will all just have to wait and see when (or if) this whole thing becomes official. [Sony via DroidGamers]


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Sony looking to hire Android game devs?


The PSP GO didn't do good since you have to buy the games you already bought before again and this one most likely to do the same

Lol, really had to shorten "developer"... Just saying :) but other then that, keep up the awesome work :)