Sony Honami

Possible magnetic docking pins are also pictured, along with an alleged shot by the 'Honami'

The upcoming "Honami" may be Sony's next big leap in smartphone photography, and it has decided to pose for some pictures of its own. As we saw with the previously leaked render, the "Honami" does in fact have the Sony G-Lens labeling on its back. Resolution and focal length are replaced with temporary "X" values, but a photo of the software does show a 20 MP camera setting. There is also a picture of the phone's side, with what appears to be magnetic pins for docking.

A photo that was allegedly taken using a Sony "Honami" prototype was uploaded to Facebook, but thanks to the social network's removal of EXIF data and resizing of the image, it cannot be confirmed.

Additional photos can be found after the break.

Sony Honami

Sony Honami

Photo allegedly taken using a "Honami" prototype:

Taken using a Honami?

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Sony 'Honami' leak shows G-Lens on board with a 20 MP sensor


Is it just me or does the colors looks washed out on the photo from the Honami?

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Most likely the 1020 would win the comparison because its sensor is 41MP. But in some cases megapixels don't matter. Like the HTC One's 4UP (UltraPixels) camera for example.


A high high Megapixels count aren't equal to a good photo. What really matters is the size of the sensor.

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1020 has a 1/1.5" sensor, which is bigger than 1/2.3" in S4 Zoom. High megapixels give you detail, large sensors give you more light.

I wouldn't use that as a barometer to check the quality of the pictures. This could be one bad ass phone. Let's hope they get it all right. Every phone manufacturer always leaves out something to make their phone that one. I'm still waiting for the right phone to upgrade. I think it's just right around the corner. This Sony looks good, the new upcoming LG also is a beast and let's not forget the Note 3 by Samsung.

Most anyone looking at this or the G2 will absolutely "forget" about the Note 3. It's a phablet (like the term or not).

When I read the title to this article, and saw the first picture (before reading the article itself) I assumed that the 20 MP info came from the "XX.X MP" in the picture. Assuming that the writer was reading these as roman numerals, I got a little excited to see the comments. It seems Casey is smarter than I've given him credit for.

Thats what she said!

On a more serious note, this is a prototype so I wouldnt put much stock in the way it is right now and just wait for the final product.

Like a poster above me, I have an upgrade to burn so I cannot wait to see which of the 3 gets me to use it. The N3, G2 or this one or maybe I will have to wait for the SGS5....

Why? There is not one compelling rumor (or any rumors to that matter) that says to do that. It could be made by pantech for all we know.

The N5 doesnt come into a discussion until something is leaked.

I love how the phone's camera lens size is still consistent and not huge and bulky like the Galaxy S4-Zoom.


The only reason these manufacturers are even touting high megapixels are because the majority of people that own these phones know nothing about camera specs. This is just history repeating itself. Canon and Nikon went back and fourth and Canon finally decided it was stupid and stopped. These phone manufacturers know that mega pixels are only as good as the sensor you put behind it. But high number sell so MP is what you will always read. That's why people writing these articles title it with megapixels, because people will be interested. Until people wise up and realize we don't need billboard size photographs and what we need is better sensor quality more and more ignorant people will be drawn to more megapixels means better camera.
That is all.

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it isnt limited to cameras. Look at the chip wars with AMD and intel.

The consumer always thinks that "bigger is better" and that is kinda the end of the story right there.

not a fan of the One's camera, but somewhere around 13MP with good software (not you Nexus) is all you really need unless you go pro

This phone looks sexy, and 20 MP? WOW. My SGS4 already takes better pictures than the IP5 (people tell me that) but with 20 MP, no hump ( a la Lumia 1020), this is going to be way better. Not to mention, sexy design by Sony. IP5s, Note 3, Moto X and Verizon HTC one, Q4 is going to be awesome for consumers.

Call me skeptical that you'll get anything amazing cramming that many pixels into a small sensor. And with that small a lens, the sensor has to be small.

I'm way more excited for the RX100II lens/sensor with a wi-fi/NFC back.

The sensor is about 3x the size of the current 13MP Sony sensor (XZ,S4).

It is the 2nd largest Phone sensor ever - just a little smaller then Nokia´s 41MP sensor.

So it has 50% more Pixel as the (excellent) Sensor in the S4 - but 300% the size!

This sensor is going to be a beast - day AND night!

I'm going to be *that* person…but I hope this phone comes out:
1. In December just in time for me to upgrade.
2. In purple again.
3. on T-Mobile USA because they're really stepping up their game.
And 4. Android 4.3 (but that's probably too much to ask as I've found out with my still-4.1.2 Galaxy S3).

I'm glad to see an option for 4:3 ratio, in the camera settings. I hate how most pics and videos are all 16:9 lately. I don't want to deal with cropping an image after each photo. Not sure if newer phones have this setting, but definitely not on my GS2.

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This phone is why I passed on the Z on T-Mobile, hope it comes to the USA.

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