Sony Xperia Z2

Not to be outdone by Samsung and its "Galaxy Gifts" promotion, Sony is offering various app and service incentives to go along with the just-launched Xperia Z2. Those picking up Sony's latest phone will get access to free movie content, trials to subscription services and paid apps for free from now until July 31st.

The full list of premium content, which Sony says is approximate to a $350 value:

  • 6 free movies, including Captain Phillips
  • 30-day trial of the Music Unlimited service
  • 8 games from PlayStation Mobile
  • Free download of the upcoming Michael Jackson album, XSCAPE
  • Garmin, Full Suite
  • OfficeSuite Pro Full version
  • Box 50GB for life
  • Evernote premium, 3 month trial
  • Bitcasa 1TB storage, 3 month trial
  • 10 Xperia themes
  • Social live premium, 1 month trial
  • 3 additional games and apps

The content in this "experience pack" will be made available through the Xperia Lounge app (found at the Play Store link above) for all Xperia Z2, Z1 and Z1S owners, though Sony says that not all of the offers will be made available for the older Z1 and Z1S models.

Source: Sony

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moosc says:

Vzw rules can't wait.. First

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markdowd84 says:

Wow, that Captain Phillips offering is tempting, haha.

OK. Kind of wondering when it will make it's US appearance.

$350 really? People paying this much is what is wrong.

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Dizfunctions says:

Box 50 gb is quite tempting...

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Boy oh boy. That's way better than Samsung's offerings, in my opinion.

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angryGTS says:

Z1 too although not as many "gifts" available as the Z2 obviously.

I love the look of the z2 but I'm torn. Z2 or htc m8

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Dizfunctions says:

Z2 apparently has build and overheatingbissues when shooting 4k. However, HTC one camera isn't that great, and the phone itself quite slippery.

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phdutton says:

I was torn, ended up getting the Z2 and am very pleased with it so far. If that helps.

Can't work out how to download these films though, get to a link saying "download" and a file size of about 1.3GB (seems about right), but it just downloads a tiny file (few kB) which can't be opened by anything!

jonoave says:

You might need to check out the Xperia Lounge app, that's where the promotions usually are.

phdutton says:

Yeah, I got there, and it gives you a code you need to punch into a website.
Its not very intuitive. Got the 50GB on Box though, so thats good :)

Same issue with me. I tied it in Dolphin browser and still got the same result.

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just_jo says:

Is this valid for the tablet z2 as well? (kinda deactivated the Lounge app on sight)

edhe says:

Didn't work for me...

archambskj says:

They have the background defocus app any many more in the app store when search for Xperia so able to get z2 apps on z1

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