Sharapova unboxes Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Normally when we see celebrity smartphone unboxings we see names like Michaluk, Bohn, Ritchie and Nickinson. In this case, Sony Ericsson went out and got Maria Sharapova, who's a pretty good tennis player or something, to unbox the Xperia X10 Mini Pro. (See our own hands-on.) What she's got that the rest of us don't -- besides looks and game, of course -- remains to be seen. So what's up, SE? Lose our numbers? Anyhoo, check out the video after the break. (Oh, by the way, Maria -- that finger tapping things looks a little familiar.) [Sony Ericsson Product Blog via Androinica]

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jonesbug says:

sooo hot, need to touch the hiney.

Ecoteric says:

too much attention paid to the device... wish I could just lick her neck a little bit

ohboyscott says:

god damn she is gorgeous

sniffs says:

She's like a 6...

Ecoteric says:

Please! She's at least an 8.9... if she had any boobs she'd be a 10+

tjubb says:

ack! When did Kate Gosselin get an Android phone? Well the still photo looked like her, the video, not so much.

rufflez says:

Wow, I'm sad to see she's hit rock bottom.

paa79594 says:


Droid-One says:

I thought this was a undressing not a unboxing. Im very dissappointed.

icebike says:

So 98.3% of android users are 20 something males.

What a demeaning mindless gig for her. They must have paid her well.

petaf says:

Oh god, I'm so not a 20-something male... Should I slit my throat now or later?

vinny#AC says:

She is as hot as hell. I think her voice is a huge turn on not to mention she is one hell of a tennis player.

rufflez says:

This is unbarable for me to watch. Her expressions are so fake its sad. The only thing that would make this more watchable is if they auto-tune her.

"I get used to things very fast especially when they are presents."

hahahah I got a present for ya...