Sony Ericsson working on a Cyber-shot Android phone?

Although we wish these photos were taken with a Cyber-shot camera, they weren't -- funny how that works. No matter, we're sure this isn't the last blurry spy shots we'll see so, let's cut to the chase here. If the image above is in any sort of way accurate, it looks as though Sony Ericsson has a Cyber-Shot branded Android device in the works.

The images lack the finer details but, looking at them you can see the Cyber-Shot branding right there on the display and given the fact the buttons down below are laid out in Android fashion -- it's not a far stretch to assume Android is the base OS here.

We're not gonna go all in as of yet and say it's certainly something that will be arriving, we'll take it as a rumored device for now though. Realistically, the images could just be trickery but we'll be on the lookout for more details, you can count on that. One more blurry cam special can be found after the break.

Source: Xperia Blog

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Sony Ericsson working on a Cyber-shot Android phone?


maybe the guy was shaking in his boots, worrying that his boss might catch him divuldging state secrets.

Cyber-shot is old history as far as cameras go, so I think nothing interesting except the name.

Or maybe he was using an iPhone to take the shot...

I think it's pretty lame news regardless...

Why doesn't SE worry about getting the phones they already have out to the market? Still no word when the Xperia Arc is coming to the US. And where's the Xperia Play for Verizon?

Definitely Android.
The buttons left-to-right are; Back, Home, Menu.

Being labeled Cyber-shot, I would hope that it has at least a 12 megapixel camera.

So when are the diehard Android lovers going to use their pitchforks against Android phones having the same, tired form factor like they did against Blackberry?

I have an OG DInc, so I'm not opposed to this form. It's just amazes me how the same form is recycled so often with incremental updates by all manufacturers for $600+ full retail.

This form has its place, but there should be as many Bold and Desire Z form factors available to match.

It is actually quite ridiculous that the camera on my SE K800i that I got in 2006 was better than that of my Desire. Mind you, the design of the back cover on the Desire means that the lens cover is so scratched up, it'd probably be fine if it wasn't for that.