As much as we all love Android, we can all agree that Android could use a better media player. Android's current media player has always been a little more utilitarian than anything and quickly showing its age. Thankfully, Sony Ericsson is looking to improve upon that in their upcoming Android phone, the 'Rachael' XPERIA X3. From the concept video above, they've made the media player look completely fresh and insanely drool-worthy, can we have it now?

The media player in the 'Rachael' UI looks a little bit like the Zune HD's (learn more at WMExperts) but still manages to come off as entirely its own. The 'Rachael's media player takes advantage of the large screen (480x854, same as the DROID) to offer an experience much more fluid than your regular boring lists of artists and albums. The page for artist's is an eye-catcher as well, with photos and cover art adding so much color to the page. Overall, it's seriously a huge upgrade to the stock Android media player and one that just might catapult it into a media powerhouse (better syncing software still needs to be included).

And don't forget, the Sony Ericsson 'Rachael' Android XPERIA X3 will be announced November 3rd. It can't come any sooner!


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toots says:

I understand this is SE's customized UI but is anyone else thinking this may not be android at all?

tallbruva says:

Oh, it's definitely Android. Unlike other phone OSs Android was designed to be customizable. Just look how different the home replacements look from each other that are in the market: Open Home, dxTop, Sweeter Home, aHome, etc.

Look at the Archos tablet. It's running Android too but doesn't look like stock. (

Xphctoc says:

It will be an androidphone.

The infinity UI has two major innovations: Timescape and mediascape. What we have seen 3 days ago is the mediascape.

Check this other video out (timescape is the social interface alla Web Os):

Anonymous says:

This is a pointless video. The phone is showing concepts of what the UI can do. The phone wont be any where close to being powerful enough to run the interface so smoothly. Since they state that it is just concept footage, my bet is that you will get a dumbed down version of this that probably runs choppy and only makes someone who saw this video think that their phone is doing cool animations, because they will understand what sony was "trying" to make the UI do.

However, it is a pretty cool UI. I just dont have my hopes up because, well I saw what the X1 turned into. It was a choppy shadow of itself. boo

BeeQAL says:

The HD2 and this phone are the two phones that I'm remotely excited about right now but I do have to totally agree with you. Great UI but whether they can have the software optimized enough, even with Snapdragon running the show, is the real question.

I'm a big SE fan but there is no denying that they have been on a downward slide because of over promising and not delivering.

Anonymous says:

This is an After Effects video with fancy transitions. The actual phone will probably look like this, but without any of the cool transitions. What's the big deal?