Xperia Arc

This one came out of left field -- Sony Ericsson is going to offer their 2011 Xperia line with an unlockable bootloader via the fastbook command.  They say only SIM unlocked versions of the Xperia Play, Xperia Arc, Xperia Pro, and Xperia Neo will be eligible, so carriers should be happy as well as developers and advanced users.  The big question of how this will affect the CDMA Xperia Play on Verizon is unanswered, but I hope they have an equivalent solution.  They also go over warranty concerns and possible additional costs for service at their blog, so be sure to read the source link to get those details.

This is a big turnaround from their policy with the Xperia X-10, which will remain locked due to legal reasons.  It shows that Sony Ericsson is listening to their end users and allowing the owners of their oh-so-sexy hardware complete control of it.  Let's all hope other manufacturers see the benefit in this and offer similar solutions.  Now to decide between the Arc or the Neo as my next phone.  [Sony Ericsson Developer Blog]


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Sony Ericsson offering a bootloader unlock solution on 2011 Xperia line


wait! SE is making android phones? LOL. :)
they should make powerful devices. they are definitely getting left behind. xperia play sounds good but it is a gaming platform wannabe lacking enough power, quality, features and battery. i love SE since im a proud ex-owner of their old symbian devices but they need to step up their game like what LG is doing.
all of their phones even xperia arc is Laggy.

So wait, if I buy the unlocked full price version then the bootloader will be unlocked?

That's kind of a nice compromise if that's how it turns out.

The Arc and the Thunderbolt are too close in the specs department that I'd get a TB (have upgrade avail that would make it cheaper), but here's hoping SE has a dual core beast on the sheets for later this year.

Take that MOTO. SE is making a business move here. They are looking to take the dev community. MOTO should take notes. Maybe this will prompt them to unlock their bootloaders as well. Gotta say SE is sounding better every time I read another post about them.

Im slowly getting more and more impressed with SE. Their phones have always look classy and have hardware. But the lack of updates and not being very hacker friendly is a turn off. But with the announcement that the X10 will be getting gingerbread and now that they are becoming more friendly with developers. I might consider buying an SE Xperia Arc for my next phone

This is good news for the android community but it leads me to one question. Why did Sony all of a sudden have a change of heart about unlocking devices when they are basically trying to destroy GEOHOT and the PS3 modding community? This is very weird and hypocritical of Sony.