Sony started offering the V2.0 firmware for its Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 cameras just yesterday, so we've loaded it up on our QX10 and given it the quick once over. For the QX10, we're looking at new 1080p video recording functionality – which it just enables for you – and an increase in ISO on still images from 1600 up to 3200. 

Up top you'll find a sample video shot at 1080p, and below a sample of images shot at ISO 3200. Honestly with the video, there doesn't seem to be any big improvements over the previous 720p only mode. It's not great conditions right now for shooting, but it does a decent job.

It's basically dark outside at the time of shooting the stills, but the QX10 hasn't done a bad job all told. All we've done to the below images is resize to 2048 wide, but as you'll see the detail really isn't that bad and it isn't nearly as grainy as we might have expected either indoors or outdoors. We had the QX10 strapped to a tripod, but considering the actual light outside it didn't do a bad job at all. 

At high ISO you're going to be making concessions over the quality of your photographs, but the relatively inexpensive QX10 has done a better job than we might have expected it to. 

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mosley04 says:

I had bought a QX10 and returned it because it to long to take a picture and then to long to transfer it. If they could at least have it take the pictures quicker it would have been worth keeping.

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It's not as bad as it once was. Still needs improvement though. 

mosley04 says:

Well at least there's progress.

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NEmickeyfan says:

Can anyone tell me if the QX10 works as camera/lens for Ustream mobile streaming? Since the app uses the phone's camera, I assume that it might work. I would really like the zoom feature for my mobile streams from my GS4. Any help someone could give me would be greatly appreciated!

You have to use supported apps (currently Camera 360 or Sony Playmemories Mobile) to shoot photos and videos using your phone as a viewfinder and receiver. Video files don't transfer to the phone anyway, so I'm pretty sure what you're wanting wouldn't work. You'd need UStream to hook into the camera. 

robsawalker says:

This lens is something of a curates egg; I really wanted this to be brilliant, but I rather fear that the negatives outweigh the positives. I often have the urge to design case for my HTC One which includes a proper tripod mount and some sort of bayonet fitting around the lens which would allow small telephoto and fish - eye lenses etc to be mounted.

The lenses would be fully manual with a cute, dinky aperture and zoom ring. Of course, this is all just pie in the sky stuff as I don't know how the camera would react. Boy, I would love to build one though. And combined with a lightweight telescopic walking stick which doubles up as a tripod.

This all went through my head when I first heard about these lenses. I was crushingly disappointed when they got a critical panning and the price of them was so high.

If this software update had suddenly really upped the quality of them, and they had slashed the price to around £99 then suddenly the QX10 might have made some sense. And I wish Sony would stop creating their dreadful software and forcing you to use it... You would have thought that they would have learned their lesson by now...

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SEAJeff says:

They are a Japanese company: great at hardware, but they have no clue how to do software, yet they are too proud of their own culture to admit they should hire programmers from outside of Japan.

ycb04 says:

Doesn't work in the UK yet for some reason

I'm in the UK...

mosley04 says:

I think another big problem is you can use the phones flash to help low light environments. Seems like that would be an easy software fix.

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Amir47 says:

Is there a better standalone camera for $500 than the QX100?
Being able to connect it to my phone is cool and all but if there's a better camera for the price I'd rather get that and call it the day.

Only1Z says:

The RX100 itself...

zhecht says:

Which is $548 at Amazon and B&H.

jwyche007 says:

I'm sorry but you would have to be a bafoon to pass up the RX100 for this (with the exception of creative film makers)

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aman1127 says:

NEX3 or a 5 is the best choice

Nothing for USA yet. Seems only available at Asian Pacific website but not for ones sold in America.

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Not impressed at all. In fact... My galaxy s3 takes better video

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Do you live in Sheffield, by any chance?

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