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£114 will get you Sony's little hockey puck style connected camera 

The Sony Cyber-shot QX10 has only been with us for a few months, but it's already seen a decent price reduction since those early RRP's. For Brits, Clove Technology has dropped both the black and white versions to the lowest price we've seen so far; £114 including delivery. 

We've been pleasantly surprised by the QX10, and had way more fun using it than we ever thought we would. It's not perfect, but it's also more camera, and more zoom, than you'll get on a regular Android smartphone camera. Grab one while stocks last at the source link below, and check out our full review for more. 

Source: Clove


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Sony Cyber-shot QX10 camera gets a decent price cut in the UK


I was thinking of getting this, but the original asking price seemed steep when it first came out. Is the price going to lower for the states or should i look for UK retailers and pay 20 quid and 2 weeks of shipping trans Atlantic? It's still offered at $250 everywhere I have seen in the states.

Just wondering the same thing. I'm in Australia, and using PayPal estimator will be $210 Australian dollars from clove. But I've seen it on a local site for $229 and did have free shipping at one stage (sure they'll do it again). I think I'll wait until it's under $200 Australian I think that's a reasonable price.

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Yeah, 114 British pounds is $188 US, so it's a great deal even with expensive shipping we'll save $50. Free shipping is usually for just within the country regions. 114 GBP is 216 Australian, not to far off.

Nice. I got one for Christmas and LOVE it. Figures the price would come down after Christmas. But hey, I got it as a gift so I'm not complaining. lol

Hey you said you love it, has the unit itself got the firmware update that was supposed to be happening early this year?

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I went to buy it but as I was about to confirm PayPal said it would be $226 AUD so I backed out. I'll wait just a little longer I think.

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I've been tempted too but think it's got to come down a little more b4 I do it.

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