Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Price set at $495 for launch Jan. 24; availability in other regions not yet confirmed

Following a string of rumors, Sony has announced a Wifi-only version of its 6.4-inch behemoth Xperia Z Ultra for Japan. Released as a nearly identical version of a phone which really felt more like a tablet in the first place, the Wifi-only model packs the same internals, screen and build as its mobile data-enabled counterpart. That means a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 1080p display, 32GB of storage and an 8MP camera.

Even down to the color options — you have black, white and purple — this looks to be the same big 'ol slab of Sony that we know from before. It's funny to see a device that was marketed as a purpose-built phone now simply called a "tablet" in marketing materials with no change in screen size, but we're inclined to think the Xperia Z Ultra is better suited as a tablet device.

Sony Japan pegs the price of the Wifi-only model at ¥51800, or about $495 USD, with availability online from the Sony store on January 24th. There's no direct indication of availability in other countries, unfortunately, but we wouldn't be surprised if Sony brings this Wifi-only model to more areas considering it doesn't need to be wrangled by the carriers.

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Sony announces Wifi-only Xperia Z Ultra for Japan


The Yen is a strong currency, it wouldn't be that much if sold in America.

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it is already converted into USD and comes to $500. Not to mention it *should* be higher because of tariffs, shipping and crap like that.

It may seem illogical but a Wiiu + a Mario game bundle costs 299$ in America but 314.29$(32,800Yen) in Japan. Also downloadable games from EA Origin gives a higher price for games when you are in Europe(when all conversions are done) than in America.

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Nice. Would use it as a tablet if they launch it outside of Japan. I don't see the point of getting a 10-12" inch tablet. They are not convenient to carry along. Feels like you are carrying a laptop.

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Nice way to get into the small tablet market, even though this is expensive.
Would it kill Sony to make a Wi-Fi-only Walkman that doesn't cost a grand!

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hoping for the possibility of making sony xperia z ultra wifi only be open for sim card slot. in philippines texting is such a common use of cell phones. i have one but cannot use for text messaging, i love it so much. please make it possible!!!! tnx