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At IFA 2012, Sony has announced the splash-proof Xperia Tablet S. Details are scarce for now, but it looks an awful lot like Sony's first tablet and includes the same infrared blaster. There's going to be a whole suite of compatible accessories, including covers with built-in keyboards, stands, and dock speakers. The Xperia Tablet S has a 9.4-inch HD display with OptiContrast and runs on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor with Android 4.0.3. There's an 8 megapixel camera on the back and 1 megapixel front-facing shooter. 

One neat addition on the software side is something called Small Apps, which can run on top of standard apps in tiny windows. These include an audio recorder, calculator, remote control, timer, and even a mini web browser. There's also a new Socialife which ties together multiple social networks into a single app.

Keep an eye on our Sony IFA press conference liveblog for all of the latest news! A closer look is available here at Sony's product page


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Sony announces splash-proof Xperia Tablet S


This one is metal, thinner, with much less of that 'open magazine' design. I feel confident this will be much better. Plus, the price is right

Cute Commercial ^o^
I had the tablet s and it was really good. I have the nexus 7 now and that should hold me over until my next tablet purchase. Sony makes great stuff tho. Perhaps my next one will be their 3rd tab.

Did they mention speaker placement, don't see anything on the front, but on their website it mentioned some S-Force Front Surround junk.

I'd like a tablet that I can hear without having to wear headphones if I don't feel like it.