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From capturing to recommending Sony wants to inspire you

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Sony has just announced their new and innovative way to keep track of your life through your device with the Lifelog application. With various applications available to capture your movements, achievements, and images from throughout the day the issue is that none of them do it all in one place. Sony hopes to change this by allowing you to capture your physical, social, and internet activities all in one location.

This information is great to have to look over, but Sony is actually going to take it one step further. Sony will be using the information that is captured by the application to help inspire you. Sorting through the information Sony will be able to help inspire you with ideas and recommendations of what to do in the future, based on what you have already done.

Working with partners for hardware and software Sony hopes that they are able to inspire your future through the data that they help collect for you.


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Sony announces Lifelog application for Android


I'm sure Big Brother aka NSA will love having access to all your stuff. There's enough stuff collected about everyone now without even more stuff that collects user data. I'll pass....

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Be interesting to see if Sony will keep this proprietary or let other fitness trackers and apps input their data into the Sony app.

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This is what Friday by Dextra does. It will have a hard time competing against Sony though.

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We just want your data to track you and help you.
Nevermind the man behind the curtain.
We are here to help, trust us.

The main problem here is that a service much like this already exists, is embedded into every android phone and is extremly iseful within 2 days. Guess what it is?


yeah so, that is that.

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True and not true. Google Now efficiently grabs my data that resides in or comes through Google products and services. It'd be interesting for Google to partner with third party apps to allow their data to be brought into Google Now and wrap it all into one, like I am assuming the Sony app will do. For example, Google does a terrible job of calculating my steps for a month, but my FitBit is always on my wrist and does a fairly good job of tracking me.

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