Xperia Z1 Compact

Sony has kicked off the roll out of Android 4.4.4 to the Xperia Z1 Compact in Russia, Italy and Indonesia, according to a report over on the Xperia Blog. Not only are we seeing the latest firmware be released into the wild (although slightly limited) for the Z1 Compact, but the Z1 and Z Ultra have also been certified.

The build number for these Android smartphones is 14.4.A.0.108. Unfortunately, there's no changelog to go with the update, so if you happen to come across anything new post-installing the update, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Update: And here's a changelog:

  • New simple home launcher from Xperia Z2
  • New Xperia Home launcher (version 6.2.1.A.0.11)
  • TV Sideview app (could be a regional app)
  • More stable UI and usual performance enhancemts

Cheers, Aunurag, for sending in the link!

Source: Xperia Blog

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Yet still nothing for the Z1s...

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AndroidGyan says:

Xperia Z1s C6916 14.4.B.0.20 firmware Android 4.4.4 KitKat certified now.

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Okris27 says:

There have been other firmware's that have been certified for the Z1s and nothing was ever pushed to the phone.

kwajr says:

Yep never even got KitKat

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kwajr says:

This is why we can keep buying tmobile exclusive models they just can't sell enough to keep them updated remember the lumia 810 3 month shelf life and no update ever

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greenie25 says:

Wow Sony are on the ball this time round. Hopefully they'll be getting the L release on a quicker schedule than they usually do for previous releases.

yankeesusa says:

And nothing on the z. Great. So glad I got rid of my Sony for a NEXUS 5. At least the wife doesn't really care about updates.

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TheDu9du says:

If it ain't broken don't fix it.

mrcrusha829 says:

So are you enjoying the nexus more than the xperia z? I was contemplating doing the same.. But i am enjoying my Z1S so much more now that i have root.

angryGTS says:

I personally love my Z1 over any Nexus device I have owned. Especially now that Timeshift Video(120 fps) has been ported to the Z1 family.

3165dwayne says:

It's a good thing I managed to get rid of the z1s. That thing was riddled with bugs and 2 months later nothing has changed. The m8 is treating me much better with no bugs in sight.

I should have just kept my HTC One (M7) which was already on kit kat when I got the Z1s, and they have already guaranteed that the M7 and M8 will be getting the new Android L within 90 days of it being released. Good ole HTC, I can jump in two months so I'm going back to HTC!

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Dizfunctions says:

Sony phones are nice, but I wanna see that they're on the ball and maintain support for at least 2 years after you purchase a device.

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They don't have to support for 2 years. They're only obligated to support their devices for 18 months. They're definitely doing a good job. The Z, ZL and Tablet Z have all gone from 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and now 4.4. I'd say that's pretty good.
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1x250 says:

however, the are not bound by that term, like support should stop after 18 months.

aitt says:

Meanwhile the Z2 in the US...

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darigaaz12 says:

Been using mine for months now. :-)

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AndroidGyan says:

Xperia Z1, Z Ultra 14.4.A.0.108 firmware Android 4.4.4 Update rolling now.

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Cyril Bihary says:

Will this fix the severe battery drain issue that came with the 4.4.2 update? OR will I still need to wait for an updated Google Play Services update?

nayef Al T says:

Hi there, i just got the new update 4.4.4 for my z1 compact in Saudi Arabia.
Sony rocks and in the right track :)

draiko913 says:

My Z Ultra gpe just got the update here in the US this afternoon.

Lambertoid says:

I jumped from the z1s to the g2 I really gave some a fair shot but I jumped to the g2 because it had everything but an SD card slot... So I am happy now just a shame that the z1s didn't live up to the potential I thought it had... Still no kitkat

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TonyHove says:

Glad sony is on the ball with updates!

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