Veteran games publisher SEGA has proven time and again that it's not afraid of dusting off an old classic for a re-release on modern systems. The latest to join that list is Sonic CD, with the recent news that SEGA will port the game on Android, iOS and other platforms in time for the holiday season.

Sonic CD was originally released on the SEGA CD back in 1993, but has traditionally been left out of SEGA compilations up until now. The game sees the company's spiky mascot travelling through time to correct the evil meddlings of Dr Eggman, saving all manner of furry critters along the way.

Also, SEGA says the re-release of Sonic CD will include the original Japanese soundtrack. For those of you wondering what that means... well, it means this.

Source: SEGA Blog


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Sonic CD headed to Android for the holidays


I had this game, came with my sega CDX (mini sega+CD unit). Had a lot of great times with it. Very catchy soundtrack, too.

Hope they have some physical control options, whether GameGripper (or at least mappable keys) or bluetooth gamepad support. Otherwise, playing the cart-based Sonic games in a Genesis emulator is still a better option...

That sample of the original music was the WORST track from that set. Basically, the benefit in having the original Japanese music will be that there will be continuity between the Past, Preset and Future zones. In the international release the various times not only looked like an evolution of the zone but also sounded like such, while in the US release they broke the auditory continuity.

WOW, when I first caught wind that Sega is going to release this on Android as well I honestly couldn't believe it. I for one hope this is only the start for Sega developing games for Android. I didn't own this on the Sega CD, but when it came out for the Nintendo Cube, I made sure not to miss it again, and now I'll be able to take it everywhere, sweet. Can't wait.

I liked the US Soundtrack ten times better than the Japanese version. Either way, I will be buying this game for Android. Used to play it when my Sega CD worked.

Wow, I will totally be buying this the second it is available!

I just hope they (Sega) include support for the physical gaming buttons on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")... That'd be the icing on the cake.