Nexus 7 (2013)

Best Buy and Walmart among stores selling the new tablet early

The new Nexus 7 won't be officially available until July 30, but that hasn't stopped some of the big-name brick-and-mortar retailers from selling a few tablets to customers ahead of the official date. AC reader Tony Hoffman tweets that both he and a friend were able to snag new Nexus 7s from two different Walmart stores. And The Verge is reporting that Best Buy is now selling to customers in some stores, including at its Union Square location.

There are only a few more days left before the official Nexus 7 street date, but if you're hoping to get one in time for the weekend, you might want to check your local retailers. If you've been lucky enough to pick up a new Nexus 7 already, hit the comments and let us know how you're liking it.

For more on the new Nexus 7, check out our hands-on walkthrough.

Source: @TonymHoffman, The Verge

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manpaka says:

Why does it look blue (-ish?) in so many photos?

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Marc11218 says:

Cause it is :)

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ConTejas says:

It looks jet black in every video I've seen of it...

atlas9171 says:

It's the lighting, probably didn't put much effort into color correcting the image.

atlas9171 says:

Or it's simply just a mediocre camera.

Mooem says:

Looks like quite a few BB locations are selling it. Just checked online for in-store availability, and the majority of them are displaying as available today. I wish I could pick one up but no time today. I can wait one more day for my Amazon order to be delivered tomorrow (yay Saturday delivery!)

bobby420411 says:

were did you find it on amazon cause i can't find the new one on there

bobby420411 says:

hey thanks i did find it right after i posted this i got it coming tomorrow

munx#AC says:

You bought last year's N7. Not yet available on Amazon. Might want to check on that.

coronaboy10 says:

Nope. Its the new one.

BoB16731 says:

It's the new one

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bearda says:

If only there was a retailed that stocked the LTE model....

Ravynmagi says:

Sounds like the LTE model won't be available for a few more weeks (Google's actual words "coming weeks").

I checked Best Buy earlier this morning, and while they weren't available in the closest store to me, they are at the next-closest. Went ahead and ordered the 32gb model, and will be picking it up at lunch. Already got the notification e-mail it was ready for pickup.

haydenpup says:

Me too. Can't wait!! Part of me wants to get it before Best Buy says, "Oh wait, Tuesday? Sorry, it's not ready to pick up yet!"

yankeesusa says:

I would like to try it first. If the hisense sero pro 7 gets updated to 4.3 I may just be getting that one. I really don't need 1080p. Either way it's good to see that they are available already.

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sting7k says:

Soooo tempted...It's in stock at my local Best Buy. I could pick it up on my lunch break. Bah!

mitc5502 says:

Just ordered mine for pickup. It appears that almost every store in the DC area has them available.

atlas9171 says:

Ordered mine for in store pickup. Just waiting for the email that it's ready.

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kittygetwet says:

Bought 32 gig for pickup at local best buy today. Thanks or the heads up.

htowngator says:

My local stores only have 16gb in stock, no 32s.

GMC MaXx says:

My BB has 20 in stock, but they won't sell me one until the official date.

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htowngator says:


There has been a change to the release date of the pre-ordered item listed below. The new release date is 07/26/2013.

To find more information on this order please check your order status.

If you have any questions, please call us at
1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289). If possible, please have your order number handy.

Thanks for shopping at Best Buy.


Lisa Smith
Vice President
Best Buy Customer Care

Ronny2756 says:

I got the same email I was and am excited.

karmamule says:

A BestBuy near me had them in stock so just ordered one for pick-up :-D

Ronny2756 says:

Dang it its too late to cancel my best buy pre order and just get one at walmart.. Oh well im just glad im getting it early.

ne0ne says:

Mine will be ready for pickup today :-)

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RamV says:

Is there any kind of special promotion with the new nexus 7 like a free movie or 25 google credit? I sort of remember the original having that and I am just curious.

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kittygetwet says:

1st gen was Credit and movie. This one nothing this time around. But I am fine with that. Just glad I am not dealing with play store for this tablet.

betsuni says:

Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one for pickup at a BB near me. Now waiting for the e-mail to pick it up.

Choorp says:

I went into my local Best Buy when they opened and bought a Nexus 7! It wasn't easy though... I got rejected a few times until one of them checked their system. There's a new memo in it (that was added very recently) that states the release date was changed to July 26.

So, if you're having issues, get the employee to check for that memo. The release date is definitely today.

NoNexus says:

Available at most Best Buys here in Harrisburg PA and the surrounding area. I am at least going to go over there and play with it a bit...

davemacd says:

Thanks for the tip! I just snapped up my 32GB new Nexus 7 here in Orlando.

smoker278 says:

I had pre ordered a nexus 7 thru best buy . Boy I am pissed . If I knew they were going to release it early I would have never pre ordered it. Best buy is going to have a bunch of pissed off customers on their hands.

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SpyderHawke says:

I preordered it too and paid extra for faster shipping because it said I would get it on the release date. I'm annoyed about that so I called to complain. They couldn't cancel my preorder (which was fine because it's actually not yet available in my local stores, I would have to drive about 2 hours to get one), but they gave me a case number. I will have to call again, but they will refund the $15 extra I paid once I receive it.

Just ordered Nexus 7 online and got email that it is ready for pick up at Best Buy in Phoenix. Getting new Geek toy on SysAdmin day, how appropriate!

unkn0wnz says:

I just checked and ALL my local best buys have it in stock....gonna be buying it today.

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spielnicht says:

Just came back from BB with my N7...but no cases/covers yet :-(

Machque says:

My local BB had 2 cases available.
Targus Vuscape @$24.99 and M-Edge @ $39.99.
We checked and both fit the new Nexus 7.

SpyderHawke says:

Were they listed as being for the new N7?

smoker278 says:

Just talked to a supervisor at Best buy customer service. Most people who I know who pre ordered are pretty pissed off. She told me Google decided to release it early not Best buy. I personally will never pre order anything from best buy again.

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betsuni says:

So you're blaming Best Buy for Google's decision? That makes as much sense as blaming the earth for being hot that day. If anything be pissed off at Google for once again messing up a launch of a Nexus device.

RaiderWill says:

My Walmart has some and they are holding one for me as I type this... Here we go!

turdbogls says:

Just picked mine up. the screen is gorgeous :) worth the extra money alone IMO.

mhettrich says:

Picked mine up from my local Beat Buy as well. Worth every penny so far, this thing is so fast!

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Mychaiel says:

Picked mine up last night at Walmart!... Have to say this Tablet is Awesome, this is my third 7 inch Tablet and by far the Best!!... It's smooth as Butter!!

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robpasell says:

Just picked one up at Gamestop. Feels nice, looks nice. Not sure I like the off center camera, but I seldom use the camera on the tablet anyway.

Edgong says:

Picked one up at best buy and they had an extra Chromecast in stock. Picked it up and got the Netflix code to boot!

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smoker278 says:

I blame best buy because I also called Google and the rep told me they got the stock into the stores early and it was the individual stores decision to put it out earlier.

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smirkis says:

got mine this morning at 10am at bestbuy. the lady thought she gave me a 16gb model and called me 5 mins after i left. i told her "do you really think i would leave your store without checking that i got my 32gb of space lol". this thing is rock solid. nice work this round google

jtd771 says:

Ordered two 32GB at 3:30 pm and picked them up an hour ago from the Best Buy on Rt. 23, Riverdale NJ. They had a few more left and a few set aside at the pickup counter. When the kids go to bed I'll try it out.

mystiphi says:

Walmart in Snellville, GA outside Atlanta just sold me a 32GB version for $229!

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Kiserai says:

Lucky bastard. :)

Kiserai says:

Just went into my local Best Buy and they still had plenty of both the 16 and 32 GB models in stock.

Thanks so much for reporting this! You guys made my weekend.

jtc276 says:

My local Walmart had the new Nexus in the same place as the old one and almost sold it to me for $199. After it appeared as $285 (tax), the cashier checked with her manager and they wouldn't let me have it at $199. I'm guessing someone will get lucky.

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HotDogHudie says:

Typing this from my new 32 GB nexus 7 I picked up at bestbuy today. Significant speed improvements, way better screen colors, and no lag when updating apps like on original.

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djepperson1 says:

I picked mine up today at best buy its amazing so far

sideslippy says:

I got mine today at my local best buy, one guy immediately said we're not selling it right now but another employee I asked went and got one for me. Nexus 7 feels and looks great! Oh and they even had it on display.

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I found one at GameStop on Friday.

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