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If you're buying a Wifi-only Xoom on release day, you might want to call your local Staples.  A lucky reader did just that, and found that one of his area stores had everything set up and was selling the no-carrier, no-contract version of the Xoom tablet two days earlier than it should be.  He took advantage, and after the break you can see his Xoom in some excited hands.

And yes, we notice that Staples has placed SD cards in the accessories area.  Those will be useful soon, we hopeThanks, and have fun, n64kps!

Update: n64kps also gives us an unboxing video, you can see it after the break as well.  Thanks again n46kps!

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Some Staples stores selling Wifi Xoom a few days early [Updated with unboxing video]


I was at a local Staples a few days ago and saw them putting up the Xoom Wifi display right next to the BlackBerry Playbook display... its only a matter of time...

Been debating about checking my staples since it is on my bus route or just waiting and getting the points at best buy. No matter what I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Aww, man. All of the Staples in my area that have them in stock are refusing to sell them until Sunday. The ones that don't have them in stock already sold out of them. It sounds like they're only getting between 3 and 5 per store.

As an easy tech for staples my store has 10 in stock. I was told we can sell them sunday. Imo its laggy as hell

Wilmington, ma store has them and I got one :-) . Almost walked out w/o because they wouldn't stop trying to push the protection plan. I did pre order online but staples cancelled and redid the order and couldn't tell me if it was gonna ship or not. Soi cancelled since they don't charge until it actually ships. I did pay tax as a result of picking it up in ma on the way home but its totally worth the pita tracking this down and getting my hands on it!

They tried to push the Protection Plan on me hardcore as well! I felt the exact same way. He's like it's $150 for the wear and tear protection and $240 for the accidental coverage. It's a pretty good deal in my opinion. I'm like, uhhhh that's 40% of the price of the tablet, NO THANKS!

Just called the local STaples and the guys like come on in and get one.

I need to know where to get one of the coupons I keep hearing about.

It seems like they're hit or miss. It says excludes PCs and Laptop computers, however the Xoom is a Tablet computer. It passes that part of the coupon, however even with the manager's override code, it still wouldn't work because they Xoom is a Promotional Product, which is excluded from the discount in the fine print. What I've heard you have to do is have the manager price match the item to the coupon price and that's the only way you get it to work. You'll have to get lucky and find the right manager that will do that for you. PM me if you want me to send you the coupon

I just checked online and the four closest Staples to me show them in stock. I called my two favorite and confirmed... sure'n they got 'em.