Samsung drying machine app at CES 2012

Samsung announced a new smartphone app here at CES 2012 which will help you handle your laundry by communicating wirelessly to a Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine and dryer. I got a closer look, and am still hugely impressed. At first, the idea seemed a little hoaky, but then I looked back on how many times I've forgotten that I had put anything in the wash, and how much a tailored mobile notification system would help out. 

Android Central @ CES

Here's how it works: the washer and dryer each have their own I.P. address, which your phone can tunnel to no matter where you are. Using the app, you can remotely start up any cycle, which then gives you a timer on how long until it's done. You can also remotely pause a cycle if need be, and use a variety of notification types to let you know when it's done. 

While I'm sure I wouldn't go out of my way to ditch a perfectly good washer and dryer just for the luxury of getting a ping on my cell phone when a load is done, if I was in the market for a new set anyway (maybe for a bigger house where a buzzer alone wouldn't be enough to get my attention), a feature like this would be a deciding factor. Right now the only other company that's even remotely in a position to offer an alternative is LG. 

The washer (WS457) and dryer (DV457) will be coming out this spring, and best of all, Samsung says the app won't be limited to their own smartphones, or even to only Android. Stick around for more CES 2012 coverage!


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Socks-on with Samsung's washing machine Android app


agreed... and why does CES suck soo hard this year? i hope phil tells us why on the podcast tonight. seems there were barely any phones announced this year.

For sure lackluster, but you didn't say anything about good phones being announced, just how many. ;) I dunno, I don't think everything has to be top-of-the-line, bleeding edge - that stuff really just appeals to a small elite subset. As far as I'm concerned, dual-core 1.5 GHz processors are still pretty freakin' sweet. 

Still pretty cool. I don't know why, but all this home and life automation and information stuff that you can control with your smartphone gets me all excited.

"Entry detected in your home at Window Number 4, would you like to notify local authorities?"

Cool stuff.

I have ADT Pulse and it's awesome...control house temp, lights, even have cameras to see what's going on at my house.

I think it's great....My house is finally becoming what EPCOT said it would be in the year 2000! So they were off by a few years :)

"screw the washer and dryer can i take amy home"

Huh? Were people always this inarticulate or has the Internet made them that way?

Edit: I think I understand now. Amy is the person in the video. The run-on sentence had me scratching my head along with the lack of punctuation and capitalization.

I think it's great.
Why? Because my wife and I both work.
There have been numerous times where we forgot to switch laundry, etc.

I think this and something to control say your freezer temp, wine fridge, etc. are all going to be able to be controlled over a network.

Now, taking it a step further, wouldn't it be great if you could somehow cut power/ circuits over a network. You leave for a weekend down to the beach, etc. and say oh I left the coffee pot on. Instead of turning around in the car, with the flick of a button on your worries are over.

I'm with you. This seems like a great idea. Since we mostly carry our phones with us everywhere, they are a natural conduit for real-time notification information. I'm sure this is just a start down that path.

Until your network or phone gets wacked and the bad guy has some fun with all your interconnected devices, possibly burning down the house in the process. No thanks! :P

Yeah but then notices would be sent to the local authorities if there was a fire, break-in etc.

Have the ability to shut down over a network, but power back up manually perhaps?

Not if the bad guy has control of your network. He could stop any notices going out and prevent anyone else from accessing the system. I know it's a low probability of happening to begin with, but entirely possible/plausible. I'm a bit of a security nut (working in the IT industry) and connecting all these things together is asking for trouble IMO.

Automation and integration of already electronic devices is great and all, don't get me wrong. But (since we drink the Android koolaid) what's wrong with starting a load, looking at the machine for the runtime, and saying "set alarm for 1 hour 10 minutes... washing machine done" and letting that be that? Sure, this feature will save you the 8 seconds it takes to do that, but is it really worth the $500 premium on the cost of the machine?

Honest question. What is the reasoning in being able to set the dryer remotely through the app? I have to be there in person to move clothes form the washer to the dryer. Why am i then going to pull my phone out to get it started instead of just hitting the buttons on the machine itself?

Anyone have a scenario this would be useful in?

As I wrote this my girlfriend came up with one:
"the only way i can see it being useful is if you did some laundry in the AM, threw them in the dryer but didnt want to dry them while you were at work and then have to wrinkle release them later. So instead you wait and like a half hour before you know you'lll get home activate the dryer so when you do get home its done and all you have to do is fold the clothes"

Easy. I ran the dryer last night but didn't get the clothes out before they wrinkled. I need to fluff the load so that I can get a shirt for work. A couple of taps on my phone when I wake and I don't have to make a trek downstairs to do it manually.

My mother taught us to finish a load of laundry from start to end, then you never end up with wrinkled items (wrinkle resistent clothing also helps), nor do you find clean clothing sitting somewhere waiting to be hung up or put away. Thus I haven't used an iron in decades! Boy, has modern society made us lazy! :(

Not lazy, just busy. I'm a naturally forgetful person when it comes to stuff like that. Having notifications would help a lot.

Does anyone remember the Two and Half Men episode when Charlie needed to learn how to do the laundry?? Alan said it would call him when its you go Chuck Lorre can predict the future