No problem! We got just the thing to help you get started. Although I've never looked at crocheting anything before in my life, the little Android guy above is making me think I may need to take up a new hobby -- or at the very least ask my fiance to make me one since she knows how to crochet. If you're wanting to make one of these yourself, you can find the pattern at by hitting the source link. Now, who is gonna make us all a Lloyd version? Thanks Andrew! [Bethsco]

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Impulses says:

Hah, that's awesome.

eastwood816 says:

This is awesome. Too bad it didn't come along during stocking stuffer time.

I did get a worthwhile x-mas gift. A Syracuse University golf bag. My alma mater and favorite past time combined.

I've had my crocheted droid about a year posted on another forum.

Sell on eBay for $20 and I will take 1. How big is it?

tyfighter#AC says:

My girlfriend crocheted me my very own Andy a while back when I first got my milestone and was all android-crazy.

Looks like she used my pattern! :-D I'm really excited to see it has gotten some use.

Here's a link to it if anyone else would like to make one.

bjs188 says:

You could probably get one here:

The artist is a panelist on the geek show podcast

kaett says:

you can also get one at i've got 2 versions... the 6" one goes for $15, the 9.5" one pictured on the website is $20. shipping is $6 and can be combined if you want more than one.

i can also do them in assorted colors, so if anyone is interested, i'm at

Bethsco#AC says:

These guys are for sale on my website too at He's 5 1/2 inches tall. Currently there's a waiting list, so just message me/email me from the site. but I'm crocheting my fingers off so there should be some available soon. :) Thanks for the article!!! -Bethsco