Snaptronics has announced new deals to bring their pet tracking system, Tagg - The Pet Tracker, into more homes. They have made a deal with Audiovox Electroic Corp to help distribute the tracking system. They have also announced new pricing to make it more affordable.

Here is how it works: Tagg - The Pet Tracker is a system that allows owners to see where their pets are at all times via GPS. You can purchase the master kit for $99.95, which now includes one-month of free service. After that, the cost is $7.95/month. If you have multiple pets, an Add-a-pet tracker is $89.95 with an additional monthly cost of $0.95.

The system comes with a collar clip that attaches to your pet, which allows you to follow them on your computer and Android device, which was recently announced. The Android app is free, so if you already have Tagg, then it'd be worth checking out. Please find links to it after the break.


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Snaptronics announces new partnerships for distribution of Tagg - The Pet Tracker


If you wanted to stalk someone, you can simply use Google Lattitude. It's not real-time tracking but it would do in a pinch.

This is a cool product... BUT (*climbs up on soapbox*) I'd just like to caution against using this product for a sense of complacency in letting pets roam out of your yard. As an emergency/intensive care veterinary technician, I can tell you from firsthand experience that your pet will be just as hurt/dead when it's hit by car.

This, and microchipping, are great ways to improve your odds of getting a lost pet back, but the first and best line of defense is to keep them safely at home in the first place.

Sorry if I sound like a downer, but that's what seeing intestines spilling out onto the table will do to you.

(*soapbox dismount*)


Pets have no business wandering around loose. Period.

This product should be banned. There is no morally or socially defensible reason for this to exist, even in rural areas.

Dogs sometimes jump fences or dig under them, genius. Go to the lost and found section of Craigslist and see how many pets get lost on a daily basis.

You are 100% correct, leaving pets unleashed or outdoors without a fence is just plain poor pet ownership.

However... This app would be great if your pet got loose and you wanted to run and save it in real time. I know our Lab has somehow bucked out of her collar twice and I was lucky enough to keep up with her and snag her back up. But if you really love your pet seeing it run away is a horrible feeling.

This thing has the potential to be used for a lot more than tracking pets. Imagine someone sticking it in/on a car for tracking purposes. Kinda scary.

I agree that pets should be kept at home, but they do get out. One of the kids leaves a gate open or the meter reader, or the lawn or pool guy. Takes 5 minutes for my dog to be out of site if he gets out.

Agree with the vet tech... owners need to be more responsible with their dogs by not allowing them to roam freely.

But good to have on dogs while out hiking or down at the lake where they tend to walk about along the shoreline.

This thing is also 100% Waterproof!

Plus, should the answer be to allow them to roam when they do get out or to use this tool to round them up before harm is done?

It's a great idea and I had ordered on when they were first released a couple months ago. I have a invisible fence so it was just for security and the event my dog out out. I returned it cause I felt the limitations were a joke and in reality it took just too long between updates. Dogs can move fast when on the go and if you need to wait 5 mins you may be out of luck. I really like to know where my dog is at the moment I look. I currently use a Roameo tracker which works great but liked the idea of tracking from my phone. I'll jump back on board when they give you the ability to track in real-time and reduce the minimum radius. Lot's of good potential in these types of devices but it's really sad they limit it so much! How much data can a set or coordinates really consume????

Been using for almost 4 months. Our 5 and 6 year olds sometimes forget to close doors behind them so we've embarked on hour long searches a time or two. However, this last "escape" we were able to track her to within 2 or 3 houses (yards) in the neighborhood next to us. Its not pinpoint due to update frequency but does help significantly.

We have a small dog that keeps finding new ways to get out of our fenced yard. We've put cedar edging along the cyclone fencing to prevent him from digging under but he seems to always finds a weak spot. Luckily, our neighbors all know him and call us right away when they spot him.

Ultimately, we solved his escape problems by getting him a companion dog. He's very social and was escaping to go visit other dogs. He doesn't seem to want to anymore now that he has a full-time companion.

I'd rather see it using tracking like Latitude and pay a one-time fee for the device. I'd accept ads within the app in that scenario. I can't afford any more monthly fees at the moment.