Google Slides brings presentation editing to Android

Google had just released Slides, an app for presentations and an alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint, in the Play Store. The move is the latest to break out the editing functionality away from Google Drive, which will now be used primarily for storage, and have separate apps for each of the Office alternatives.

Google Slides is the latest to get its own standalone app, following Google Docs for document editing and creation and Google Sheets for spreadsheets.

The app is available as a free download in the Google Play store.


Reader comments

Slides joins Docs and Sheets in Play Store


Also after installing I see that Slides has the new UI design that Google is moving to. Interesting that Sheets and Docs haven't been updated to match.

The slides app is kind of underwhelming compared to the work done on the Docs and Sheets.

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Love the new ui route. Does seem a little odd sheets and maps got an update today but no ui change. So, is it just g+ and this for now with the new look?

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Slide. Presentation. Remote. This is unacceptable. It's nice that I can now edit presentations on my Android devices, but when will I be able to present to a large screen with my Android as the remote and/or source for the presentation?

Love this, but the text is cut off at the bottom of some my slides on an existing PowerPoint (although a quick change of the default slide dimensions probably solves this).

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