Skype this morning in a blog post addressed what may be our biggest complaint with the service — the clunky experience that is chat on mobile. Sync is, well, bad, push notifications are intermittent — basically not good all around. But here's the deal:

We know that as users have started using Skype on multiple devices, they’ve had difficulty keeping conversations in sync, or they’ve missed messages and seen “read” messages on one device that are still marked as “unread” on another.  We’ve been working hard to solve these issues while adding other experiences to make an improved Skype chat.

That most certainly would be an improvement, and would go a long way toward getting folks to actually keep Skype open on their phones. (We're speaking from experience here.)

Skype also says we can look for a better overall experience on mobile, including better battery usage, startup time and resume times. And in a future update, you'll be able to only receive notifications on devices that you're actually using. 

We're not actually seeing an update to the Skype app just yet, so stay tuned, we suppose.

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Skype says improved chat experience is coming


The current Skype Messaging experience is horrible and behind most of the apps out there. Even their old Windows Live Messenger was much better and more reliable. The permanent server connection instead of modern server side push notifications reduced my battery life by half and if two people aren't online at the same time it takes sometimes days! until a message arrives. The whole backend of skype feels like a chat from the 90s.
I really hope that they can re-do the whole thing because I like to see some competition, but at the moment it's a pretty bad experience.

With a company as big as Microsoft you would think Skype would be the best communication program out.

Ironically it's horrible and I only use it when I have too.


Microsoft didn't buy Skype to improve it, they bought it to make it CALEA friendly.

(CALEA's purpose is to enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies to conduct electronic surveillance by requiring that telecommunications carriers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment modify and design their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that they have built-in surveillance capabilities, allowing federal agencies to monitor all telephone, broadband internet, and VoIP traffic in real-time.)

Skype used to be immune to such, but now that all connection requests are routed through microsofts servers instead of the distributed anonymous nodes, anyone the authorities want to watch gets a third leg attached to their connection for monitoring. The funds to buy skype all came from the government.

That has taken them years, because they had to preserve the functionality in order to keep existing users, and any actual improvements for the end user are just getting started.

Skype owns Groupme, a pretty good chat cliet i have been using for about 2 years. it works well, nicely designed (although not up to date with iOS style)
maybe they mere them into one app?
eithr way, you will be happy with the new messaging app if it is anything like GroupMe. still not up to pay with Hangouts IMO, but its close.

Well, that's the key point isn't it!?

There are SO MANY better free chat services, that SKYPE should simply strip it out, and concentrate on Voice & video calls.

Anyone with ANY device that can run Skype can also use any one of 57 varieties of chat, virtually all of which work better than skype. There is simply no point in fixing chat in skype.

Skype fails badly on my phone's 1080p display when in landscape mode - there's no visible box to enter text due to the on-screen soft buttons! you have to switch to landscape mode!

Skype have not addressed anything - they have been promising to fix things for years - if they have not given a date then it is a lie - why are you reporting on poorly made promises?

hope there isnt anymore that demand to press the arrow to send a message! Hopefully it accepts the enter key for sending messages and not only making a new line...

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Note to Skype developers. Throw away what you have and start from Scratch! We all will benefit from this!

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Skype is a mess. On my Nexus 4 4.4.2 stock rooted. It will crash periodically, but one thing it does constantly is this. If you connect bluetooth headset after you launch skype you won't hear anything through the headset even though it shows bluetooth. So I have to connect bluetooth headset before I launch skype. And if you are connected via bluetooth and you receive a call outside of Skype then you lose the sound again. Voice won't come from the bluetooth headset anymore, nothing will, not even music after exiting skype. To fix this you must go to settings and kill the app from there or use greenify to get the audio coming from the bluetooth again. Don't they have enough devs and QA engineers? Pisses me off!

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