Skyfire Android browser updated to 2.3.2; available in the Market now

Skyfire, an alternate browser available for multiple platforms, has updated its Android browser to 2.3.2 today with some fixes and a couple of new features. What's fixed? Well there was a pesky bug that caused the browser to force close for some users, and they say that's gone now. They have also enhanced their video search feature, as well as updating the UI to look better on higher resolution devices. Skyfire is the browser that brought Flash videos to Android before true Flash was an option. So if you're a Skyfire user, hit the market and grab the update![Skyfire]


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Skyfire updated, in the Market now


Ok, so here is my problem. First, I was with Blackberry for quite a bit. I hear about Skyfire, and their work on a version for the Blackberry. For about the better part of a year and a half, or so, I wait…and wait. And then finally they announce that they are discontinuing work on that browser until Blackberry 6. Ok, fine.

I move on, to Android. Clearly, in my opinion, better than Blackberry if you want a small computer on your hip.

Then Skyfire announces they are working a browser for them, and no sooner than a few weeks later, Android has a Skyfire browser.

So I’m excited, finally I’m going to have a device with Skyfire on it. But I’m thinking it’s going to be like the WinMo, or Symbian proxy version, but only does Flash videos.

Fast forward and Froyo does it all, and MUCH better.

So what do we really need Skyfire for? Besides the devices that don’t have 2.2, but the native media player plays most of the videos, or Flash Lite.

Now, there are a few games on Facebook that crash with Froyo, and Pogo doesn’t work, either, which I thought Skyfire might fix, but no. Basically, instead of being a stand alone browser, Skyfire piggybacks off of the Android browser.

Now, I have heard that a browser called UzardP is coming soon. This, I can only hope, will stay true to the WinMo and Blackberry (yes, Blackberry, they were able to get Flash on Blackberry, even if it is choppy). UzardP will hopefully stay a proxy browser.

Another thing I don’t understand about Skyfire is Android is an open platform, so there should be no reason why the proxy version wasn’t used. I understand they are trying to get into Apple’s app world, with the HTML5 friendly version of Skyfire, so I guess they used Android as a testing ground, or to show Apple what it’s about.

Either way, sorry if I’m sounding off like this, but this has been about two years in the making. I even have a Skyfire shirt, but they pretty much let me down.

Oh, and another thing, Android doesn’t even get a forum like WinMo or Symbian. They get to have a Skyfire “account” and all that good stuff. What happened to that Skyfire? Is this coming down the line? Or are you just going to give us this watered down version of Skyfire?

Rant ended, for now...


Why does it seem like every update makes this browser WORSE!!! It was suppose to fix the random force close problem. Now it doesnt seem to be random. It force closes on EVERYTHING! I use to love Skyfire back when I had my Moto Q it was a great browser that used flash as if I was on a PC... Now its a shell of what it should be.