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Skyfire, the popular Windows Mobile (and more recently BlackBerry) browser made famous for its proxy-based render-anything features, is working on an Android application and looking for a few good alpha testers. And when we say alpha testers, we mean not-ready-for-primetime, expect-some-bugs, alpha testing. If you want in, e-mail alpha at skyfire dot com with your name, country you live in, and what device you use. It's a limited beta, and not everyone will get in. So good luck! [Skyfire]

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Anonymous says:


"is it safe to give out our IMSI number? or IMEI number?'
they are requesting it for beta"

--> Yes it is very safe. You IMEI number will give their dev team a more exact knowladge of your phones model and software.

--> Your SIM card number, (if you have one), should never be given out.

Good Luck on the BETA, :)

Anonymous says:

i dont have a sim thought because i have verizon. does it matter?

Anonymous says:

though* sorry long day :(

Sorry. That was just "if" you had a SIM card. I've done a ton of beta testing and Skyfire is reputable and well known. You can go right to their site and request the Android beta and they warn you ahead of time if they give you an invite that your IMEI will be required. Of course if you're uncomfortable then you might not be ready to beta (still glitchy) software on your phone.

Personally I'm very excited this browser :)

Anonymous says:

is it safe to give out our IMSI number? or IMEI number?'

they are requesting it for beta

ai4281 says:

well, do you trust the Skyfire guys?

personally, I wouldn't give it out.

On my old Palm Treo w Blazer, ANY 3rd party browser was bound to be an improvement. But especially after the 2.1 update, is the Droid really crying out for yet another browser? X-Scope has been quite nice, but I'm not even sure I need X-Scope anymore, much less Skyfire or Firefox or any of the other wannabees.

Anonymous says:

Obviously this guy has never used skyfire b4. This browser has flash already in it! No need for flash 10.1

Anonymous says:

Used Skyfire on my MotoQ. Loved it. Like the previous post pointed out, you receive pages from their servers so it has flash in it. There are some security concerns though.

Anonymous says:

Alright looked for the imei number on a droid n can't find it. I looked exactly where they said n its not there. Is this a prob? Some help plz

The place you were looking will be called ESN and will be 11 digits long and is the same as your IMEI number.

You may also dial *#06# to view your IMEI/ESN number on your phones screen. (This is called a USSD Code).

Good luck!

elkun says:

Although SkyFire is nice, but it is awfully slow compare to Opera Mini. They both are rendered server side.

Sure, Flash is nice, but on Android the default browser supports Flash (HTC Desire) and if not, you can install one. Dont forget Flash 10.1 will come soon!

And I cannot stand their UI ... so horrible!

Edit see post per above.

I like the native browser on my Hero. I'm not sure that I need another. But I can see how others would want it.

aleis1 says:

actually, im sure even the beta .apk will get released :)