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It seems like a never ending wait for Sky TV's Android offering of their Sky Go service. Further information has appeared which says the application will not work with Ice Cream Sandwich or with rooted devices. 

A post in the Sky TV official forums has further clarified details surrounding the highly anticipated application. We already know that at launch it will be supported by only a handful of devices, but what we didn't know was that Sky Go won't work with any Ice Cream Sandwich updates for those devices. 

If you update your phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, which is highly likely if you're offered it, you will not be able to stream content from Sky Go. If you have a rooted device, you will not be able to stream content from Sky Go. The latter of these isn't too surprising, after all, since Sky are very concerned about DRM and content protection. 

What is perhaps more alarming for potential users -- there are no plans to support Android tablets. Sky goes so far as to say that a "lack of market penetration" for Android tablets is one of the reasons behind their decision. 

We're still expecting Sky Go to launch sometime this month, but this latest news is sure to sour the experience somewhat. Especially if you're running it on a HTC Sensation and looking forward to your forthcoming ICS update in March

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Sky Go for Android not compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich at launch


Well, if they want to alienate Android users, then they should just abandon their Android efforts now. This is ridiculous.

Why not ICS Sky? Surely with most Android OEMs moving towards ICS this is almost suicidal. Gues this is Sky making sure they keep Apple on side but not giving two hoots about Android.

I jusy spoke to Sky (I have a reminder every month to chase them) as I've owned Samsung Galaxy Tab since Nov 20100 and now have the very lovely 10.1" anyway the woman I spoke with said they had just had an internal briefieng and that stories about no support for Tablets is rubbish and almost all handsets will work on 2.2 and 2.3
I just hope i've not been lied to again !

Pretty lame that it doesnt support rooted devices. ICS, i KINDA understand but its been out for a while,... ITs just laziness that they didnt make it with the latest and greatest in mind. I will never own an android that isnt rooted so this is pointless.