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You ever come across one of those applications where it seems like an obvious feature is missing and you wonder why the heck it isn't there? I felt that way about Skitch until tonight. Previously when using Skitch, you couldn't save files to the SD Card fo your device but now with the latest update you can do that and more:

  • Maps in Skitch  - Skitch is great for eliminating ambiguity: draw attention to a person in a photo or point out where that new sofa should go. And now, you can even take the ambiguity out of giving directions. With the new map feature, drop a pin with an address, then use arrows, shapes and lines to show exactly where you mean.
  • Save to the SD card - This is one of our most requested features. Now, anything you have in Skitch can be saved to your SD card. Do this by tapping on the Save icon. You can also find your saved images by tapping on that same icon.
  • Move your text - We also made it easier to add and move text. When you start typing, your text appears in place over the image. Tap and drag the text to move it to a different location, pinch the text to change its size. You can do all of this without changing to the finger tool. Easy.

Skitch has also included some bug fixes and general improvements with this release. You'll find in the Android Market right now available for download. If you've not used Skitch as of yet, go ahead and jump past the break -- you'll find a download link there waiting for you.

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Skitch for Android - Now includes highlighting of maps, saving to your SD Card


I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen an app with so many one star shitty ratings! And you wrote an article on it?? Come on AC! Article should have been on the ridiculous permissions this app asks for

Agreed. AC editors(Read: Phil) have really stuck their head in the sand. Their previous podcast talked about how we shouldn't worry about permissions REALLY?

They've lost site of their purpose which is to champion the android community and not brow beat. I actually don't enjoy coming to this site as I once did. The other Android sites are more enjoyable and still seemed focus.