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Sidekick 4G sign up page posted by T-Mobile


While I'm not a fan of Android and no longer a customer of T-Mobile, I was previously a fan of both and think it's great that T-Mobile will be getting another Android device as well as reviving the Sidekick. While it was low-end by comparison today I loved my last Sidekick even with it only being on EDGE and feel that the Sidekick brand still has a loyal following and has a lot of value as well. I think this could be a really great device, personally.

yes it was.
it doesn't even have the trademark swivel screen..
the only other SK that had this was the Motorola SK slide & that hpone sucked...
Sorry T-Mobile but in my opinion your service sucked every time i left Providence.

Oh wow another sidekick. Ill pass I think the name has some loyal customers as well as scare off others. Sidekicks had a good run and now being android will help but not that much

To those of you bashing the Sidekick.... you may want to read up on the history of it first while your posting on an Android webpage..... just saying