T-Mobile has posted a sign up page for those of you who would like more info on the recently announced Sidekick 4G. T-Mobile's USA CEO Phillipp Humm confirmed that the Sidekick was alive and real at a press breakfast last month. The phone is is said to be running Android 2.2.1.  Anyone signing up? Let us know in the comments. [T-Mobile via TmoNews]

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Animus_3.0 says:

No thanks. I'm not 15

xDAKx says:

While I'm not a fan of Android and no longer a customer of T-Mobile, I was previously a fan of both and think it's great that T-Mobile will be getting another Android device as well as reviving the Sidekick. While it was low-end by comparison today I loved my last Sidekick even with it only being on EDGE and feel that the Sidekick brand still has a loyal following and has a lot of value as well. I think this could be a really great device, personally.

But its made by sammy n not the original manufactureres wanst it sharp who mdae sidekick?

babybear293 says:

yes it was.
it doesn't even have the trademark swivel screen..
the only other SK that had this was the Motorola SK slide & that hpone sucked...
Sorry T-Mobile but in my opinion your service sucked every time i left Providence.

Jjpp23 says:

Think it was Danger

thomascanty says:

Danger was the name of the OS. Sharp made the phones.

NickF227 says:

I liked Danger. It wasn't the greatest but it was the BREW before BREW.

richdroidx says:

Oh wow another sidekick. Ill pass I think the name has some loyal customers as well as scare off others. Sidekicks had a good run and now being android will help but not that much

frozencloud says:

does ppl even use the sidekick????

cayce llyn says:

it actually does still have the swivel screen. It doesn't slide up.

sookster54 says:


starscream84 says:

To those of you bashing the Sidekick.... you may want to read up on the history of it first while your posting on an Android webpage..... just saying