Shazam will tell you more about that annoying FirstLook movie theater pre-show

Shazam and NCM Media Networks today announced a new partnership that will see the audio-ID service tying into NCM's FirstLook movie theater pre-shows. By opening the Shazam app when FirstLook is playing in AMC, Cinemark, and Regal theaters, you'll be able to get more info about whatever advertised content is filling the screen.

Apparently FirstLook runs on 20,000 screens every day across the United States, to a mostly captive and generally uninterested audience. That audience, at least from your author's own casual observations, by-and-large ignores the pre-movie shows, knowing that they're all paid placements, and instead does one of two things: talks to whomever they came to the theater with, or plays with their smartphone.

Shazam and NCM have set it up so that every single piece of FirstLook content will be recognizable by Shazam, though "the exact experience will vary from segment to segment." For product advertisements you would be presented with the option to buy said product, or others might just send you to a page with more information on whatever's being talked about on screen.

So here's the question: would anything really motivate you to use the smartphone with which you're ignoring FirstLook to instead engage more with FirstLook?

The Shazam app is available for free from Google Play.

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Shazam will tell you more about that annoying FirstLook movie theater pre-show


I don't like Shazam or crossmarketing with Shazam, so no, not bothering with FirstLook.

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A lot of TV ads also have the "Shazam for more info". Has anybody here ever used that feature? Are there really people clamoring for more advertising, to tie in with the advertising they're already viewing on TV?

That's the point I was driving at, and I find those ads irritating. That, and I think Soundhound and Google are better at music ID too.

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I'd be more likely to do so if I was getting a code/similar for something free from concessions, but then again - once I'm seated, if I am planning concessions I already have them and like to stay put. I suppose a next visit option if it doesn't expire anytime soon.

Otherwise I can see supplementing the advertising with more advertising.

I do find Shazam plenty useful otherwise.

I always show up about 20 minutes after the movie start time anyway. Then I only have around 5 more minutes of previews to sit through. It is disgusting that they show you ads before a movie starts, esp considering how much they're already charging for a movie ticket and food.

Contrary to the opinions of what must be everyone else on earth, I enjoy the First Look stuff, and the regular previews.

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