Facebook-connected 'News' section helps you discover music from friends within Shazam

After first announcing the new look with its iOS app several days ago, Shazam is bringing a fully redesigned mobile experience to Android users as well. The new design focuses on discovery of music and TV along with social sharing, while keeping the same well-known sound searching functionality of previous versions.

When you do search for music by listening to something playing, you'll have quicker access to lyrics, artist biographies, music videos and more. The whole interface makes the experience feel a bit more immersive rather than a simple app that you launch, find a song, then close right away. Shazam is hoping you'll have a reason or two to stay in the app longer now.

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Shazam redesign shifts towards discovery and detailed music info


Same, I find SoundHound a lot more efficient, can find songs very quickly and accurately and most of them have lyrics - that's all I want.

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Waiting for the encore update I snagged for free in one of amazons give aways. Looks good from the photos on the blog.


Shazam, Soundhound and Google lyrics ID and Music Search are the music Pimps of the music industry!
Delivering all goods free of charge to freeloading public. Unless we convert them to cash registers of the industry
charging 39 cents for addition to the playlist (WITH FULL CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP) there will be no hope for musicians and music industry. Avant-garde nerds demolishing the industry at the investors expense.
Non of them (except for Google from different source) has aver made a profit. Using and abusing someones property for total pleasure of pirating public. Major changes long time OVERDUE!

Blame the record lables for not having the artists paid. Believe me....THEY are the crooks.

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Why should the public have to pay to find a certain song, or what the lyrics are in a song? I've purchased quite a few tracks and albums by discovering them through Googles Sound Search, and the lyrics were often printed on the artwork sleeve of the record itself.
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Was using Google's Sound Search because I'm a Google nut, but switched to Shazam before the last update simply because it was a hell of a lot quicker.
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As far as I know, you won't get any hits if the music isn't available in All Access. Or at least that's been my experience so far. Though I just might be searching for more obscure artists. I find that Shazam is the best, even better than SoundHound, at recognizing foreign artists and titles. It was able to tag a Chinese song in the end credits of a movie that was never release in an album. The song was released just for the movie. SoundHound and Google Now couldn't recognize it.