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It's shameless self-promotion time here at Android Central. (Which is any damn time we please, actually.) If you're running Android 4.x and have yet to try out our app, now's a really good time. We're getting ready to ramp up on Version 1.4, which should bring some new features as well as some much-needed improvements in stability. 

So hit that link above, give it a go — and know that we're hard at work making it better with each version.


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Shameless self-promotion time ...


here is a promotion which is not shameless. show an install icon on when user view the website from any android device.

No don't listen to him/her, that's the most annoying thing on forums. I'd much rather just see an article every now and then (or just embed a banner on the main page, both on desktop and mobile)

Please bring back the Edit "button!" Other than that, great app! The app is actually addictive, due to its great design. Keep up the great work, guys and gals!! No shame in struttin' yer stuff!!

This is honestly a great app, there's no other way to say it. In my opinion of course.

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Haha i know who that title is directed towards! Good job w the app, you keep on keepin on...

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I thought the title was directed towards one of the commenters from a previous post. He/she said something along the lines of it being a waste of time to promote your app on a "slow" news day.

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I do remember seeing a comment in the post about the android versions' distribution of the app's users that used pretty much the same words as this post's title! ;-)

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Good call. Light grey text on white background is hard to read.

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How about fixing the eye gouging flash of white at start-up and loading stories in night mode? Not very night friendly at the moment...

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If you read the question you would realize what I am saying. The default is sync every 15 minutes. Lets say you just download the app and you don't know it's automatically syncing every 15 minutes and wasting your battery. Since I know it's set to every 15 minutes I go in and change it but not everyone knows when they download the app. The DEFAULT should be manual or at least every 2 hours or something.

The app doesn't actually sync every 15 minutes. If you look in the settings, it clearly says "Only while app is open." So you'd have to be in the app for 15 minutes straight before it refreshes automatically.

I've got the app on all my devices and the extension on every desktop. You guys rock! Now pick me for prizes lol.

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Gonna wait 48hours before Google play will pop out the *update* button, never got update as early batch

The application is perfect for reading articles, especially those longer ones which go into depth about a particular issue.

To be honest I thought I would find it superfluous as it essentially duplicates the website, but it has turned out to be very useful and we'll made.



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Your eyes aren't as old as mine apparently... for me, 21" is far better than 4.7 :-) But I still like accessing the site via the app when I'm away from the desk.

Been using it for a long time. First thing I check on my phone most times is your app. Keep up the great work.

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Honestly, I think the Android Central app is one of, if not the best designed Tech apps available in Google Play. It even plays well with my Pulse app. It would be a shame if you didn't promote it.

The widget is mind blowingly awesome too! This app makes so much sense and is designed beautifully. It's also extremely tablet friendly unlike some other popular sites' apps. I'm looking at you The Verge

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One of the best holo apps I have ever used and the integration into the base android framework is fantastic.

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You should make it to where when you go on the forums on this app, it should say the time on the actual thread that someone last said something.

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I've got an entire home screen dedicated to the widget. Always nice to get your android news from the best source. I only wish I worked for android central.

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I completely agree with this. I think the crashes tend to occur most when my phone loses reception.

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Ugh the nerve, promoting yourselves. Ya act like you own the site or something!

But seriously, love the app, its very useful.

I love the app. I'm really hoping for a unified Mobile Nations app at some point, since I read iMore and CrackBerry as well, and I'd love to have a similar experience reading those on my mobile devices.

How about adding the "after the break" photos which the desktop site gets to the app?

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Oh, how about push notifications when someone replies to your comment on a story?

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Can't see what stability improvements are needed. Never had an issue with this app on any phone I've used

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Excellent app and only getting better. But for a tech savvy company who actually understand good design, the app doesn't meet all there in expectations.
True, the design is nice. But it's not the real thing. The real "holo" experience. Should it be the typeface or the colors.
But that aside, it's excellent, and I use it numerous times a day!
(a good design inspiration can be the verge app)

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I don't have time to read every comment so I apologize in advance if this was mentioned already. I would love to see Chromecast support for AC's videos. Sure I can just hit up YouTube through the AC app but I'd rather not need to take this extra step when all I would need to do is hit the cast button on the AC app directly. To me tapping through to get to YouTube feels disjointed and is a little jarring to get back to the AC app directly..

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Whenever I go from landscape to portrait or vice versa, it does back to the top of the article and I have to scroll back down to keep reading.

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Still does not display "Favorite forums" (like the AC Forums app does). Only displays "Favorite Threads".

Also, listing forums by name, then tap on "Android 4.3 Jelly Bean", wants to open the forum in another app (for example Chrome).