Motorola Cliq testing

The wait for Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq continues, but we've gotten word that field trials are about to get under way, with a couple of thousand users asked to give Eclair a go. We've already seen Eclair leaked and running on the Cliq, and Moto's own update list still says it's slated for the new software in late Q3/early Q4, so we should be seeing it any time now, hopefully. Couple of more shots after the break, and you can try to get in on the testing here.

Motorola Android 2.1 update

Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update

Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update

Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update

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Jahntassa says:

Well now I know why the moto forums were offline..

It would be nice to see an article that describes what a handset vendor and wireless provider needs to do to get an updated version of Android to their current handsets. It seems to take so long and that does not make sense.

joshuat says:

is there a way to stop all these annoying spam adds?

lowermi says:

way to little and way to late. Are there really even 2000 Cliq users left?

newyorksuzie says:

Any word on the cliq xt update?? I don't understand why they didn't release the update for this phone at the same time?! SIGH gotta keep waiting I guess.