Crazy Taxi

Once a Dreamcast hit, now an optimized Android port

In the continuing movement of bringing popular Dreamcast games to Android, the once console-system-maker SEGA has brought us another classic: Crazy Taxi. For those who didn't play it back in its heyday, Crazy Taxi puts players in the shoes of manic cabbies whose ultimate goal is to collect as much fare money as virtually possible.

The rules of the road do not apply in the Crazy Taxi world, where players are encouraged to barrel through crowded city streets, speed off the tops of parking garages, and combo their way to winning the race to collect the most cash. Not even the ocean is off-limits, where deep sea exploration is possible by hurdling off parked transporter ramps.

The Android version features Arcade and Original modes, with 16 playable mini games -- letting players choose from longer or shorter sessions of dangerous driving. The original music from bands like The Offspring and Bad Religion is even included.

This game has been a long time coming. Check the Play Store link above to download this SEGA hit, priced at $4.99/£2.99/ €4.49, depending on country.

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etnpnys says:

I love this game!

And I hate that there's not a free version!

I am glad there is no free version. I have no problem paying my 5 dollars and not being bothered.
Can't wait to download this. Thanks for the heads up AC.

neonworm says:

A free version would be nice just to try it out though.

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15 minute refund window isn't much, but for me I can usually tell if it is a keeper or not.

Perfect for getting my HTC One Google Edition on Friday a good battery test.

MonkeyNews says:

How is it treating the battery? The snes emulator absolutely kills it, down 25% in less than 30 minutes.

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anthonok says:

No offspring. No purchase. Someone let. Me know if it has the original soundtrack... Unlike the console versions.

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anthonok says:

Edit just saw it was there.. Woo-hoo I apparently can't read.

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ScottJ says:

Meh. Personally, I prefer the game "Nutty Cab".

neonworm says:

Nutty cab? There is no results in google play for it.

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I believe it was an attempt on humor. Well, you may be attempting that too.

ScottJ says:

One of the things that annoys me most about comments on AC is that whenever there is an article about an app or product someone inevitably pipes in to say something like "Uh...this product sucks, I use {app/service/device} instead". Either they give no justification for their opinion or they single out an obscure feature that isn't supported as the reason for their disdain. I like to take a poke at that tendency from time to time.

fuzzylumpkin says:

One for the HDMI cable and pad methinks... It's awesome they've kept the soundtrack! Gotta have Bad Religion!

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TizOnly1 says:

I've bought this game for Dreamcast. twice.. PS3.. iPad.. and now, getting it for Android today. Here we go!

jeffisbiking says:

"Alllllright, we're ready to make some crrrAAAAZZZY money! Are you ready? HERE WE GOOOOOOOO"


Lol, this brings back memories

MrJazz says:

We appreciate it when the price is listed "above the fold."

Lanhoj says:

Original music?


DeerSteak says:

When you get it would you let me know if it also has the original voices? Somewhere between the Dreamcast and the Gamecube/PS2 port, they replaced the voices for BD Joe and almost all of the passengers, and they were universally terrible. I still have my Dreamcast for some Crazy Taxi fun.

miknxn says:

Finally! Let's game!

paul-c says:

Crazy Taxi was the reason I bought a Dreamcast. Still have it too, ha.

Holy crap. They should have released this for the Ouya, not those damned Sonic the Hedgehog abortions. Perfect for a console. (Long live Dreamcast!)

Ishaan Verma says:

Not Available In My Country.......crap

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Oh man the memories ! I was the only one of my friends with a dreamcast and this was easily one of the better games. The ipad version is great so hopefully the android version will match. I shall download later and see if there is any difference.

jfitz841 says:

Crazy Taxi is appearing as £4.02 for me.

Still well worth a punt though

So I never played this game because by the time the Dreamcast launched I was already a dedicated hardcore PC gamer. I would just like to know if the game uses in app purchases. I do not mind IAP's as long as they are not ridiculous like most of the crap from Glu Mobile. But at 5 bucks for initial purchase in game purchases would have to be cheap and few.

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seanjenkins1 says:

£4.02? A bit much.

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