If you’re a Seesmic for Android user, you can now officially say you’re one of a million. The popular Twitter client has reached 1,000,000 downloads, a major milestone for any app, but especially so for one with such competition. The developers released the brief thank-you video above to acknowledge all those who made it possible. Hit the source link for Seesmic’s announcement, which features a nice shout-out to our very own Mr. Phil Nickinson.

Source: Seesmic
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Seesmic for Android hits 1 million downloads


So, Seesmic, how bout that Honeycomb app? I love Seesmic, I use it on my android phone and in Chrome. Need my Honeycomb app you should off a couple of MONTHS ago.

I use to use Seesmic for a long time, but then the bloat got too much for my memory starved Nexus One. Then there was a spate of bugs that took way too long to get fixed.

Moved to Twidroyd with in-app viewing of tweeted UTLs and haven't looked back.