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Seesmic for Android -- a certain Android Central editor's Twitter client of choice -- just updated to version 1.7 and brings along a few interesting additions. First and foremost is home screen shortcuts. You can now add direct links to individual Twitter streams. So, when I want to check to see your replies to @androidcentral, I no longer have to dive through the app to do so. Or you can add a shortcut to directly post to Facebook via Seesmic. Or you can add a shortcut to a list. Nice.

And almost as exciting is the addition of instant translations and automatic spam reporting. Double nice. Hit up the download links after the break to give it a go. [Seesmic]


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Seesmic for Android adds home screen shortcuts, translations, spam reports


My favorite line "a certain Android Central editor's Twitter client of choice"....hmm..Thank you for the the support!
Liza Sperling | @lizasperling |Seesmic

In some aspects, it is. That new translation feature is something I wanted for a long time in Plume, but just isn't there. I had to hack around it with the Share feature + Translate Intent. Also, Plume still has some annoying bugs like the trackball wonkyness and the fact that it occasionally fails to update properly. That said, Plume still is the king of all Twitter UI, including the official app! They just need to squash those showstopper bugs!

I LOVE Seesmic's UI. But I refuse to use it until it has a widget like Plume. That's the only reason I still use Plume.

On the other hand, I hate widgets because then you can't move the App to SD.

I have notifications, I don't need widgets.

Man, you so need to root and install CM7. It will allow you to move apps to SD, even if Android normally wouldn't let you. Of course, the widgets won't work, but the rest of the app seems to be okay.

I have to say that Plume's interface is better than every other twitter app out there! It looks and feels awesome to use and is feature packed.

Seesmic is kind of basic, and dare I say, boring.