Having come from a BlackBerry device where I was able to customize the LED indicator color for each type of message, coming to an Android device that only had the standard red for all of the messages was a bit of a change. While browsing our forums I noticed I was not the only one to dream of an application for this type of functionality, and while some third party developers have incorporated this, one post stood out above the rest. It appears as though the HTC Evo 4G has a second LED indicator that can be used with other colors besides the standard red, therefore giving users the option to set that in addition to the standard red indicator.  If you own an HTC Evo 4G you will want to check this thread out, and let us know what you think of it!


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Second status indicator on the HTC Evo 4G? [From the forums]


Wow, the Evo came out quite awhile back now, and we're just now founding out about this? That's pretty interesting.
I wish all Android devices allowed for multiple colored LED lights for sms, email, missed calls, etc. Though I come from a Bold 9000 myself.

This is "sort of" old news, but good news none the less. In terms of it showing up on AC.

Buuuut, I love the second LED because previously my Evo wouldn't be able to indicate a missed notification when charging. I know there are other options, but it's nice to have a use for this missed LED. Can only have it going for text messages while you use the other one for, uh, other stuff.

I laughed when I heard there was an unused LED ... seems like a waste. Unless they turned it off for a reason ... which I doubt. *Unsure why he is still typing.*

Thanks for Hi-lighting this Jared!

Proof that when an Android novice brings a question to the Android Central community, it can lead somewhere spectacular.

Can't imagine my EVO now without the extra right-side indicator lights.

This is one thing that I love about my 9630, but it's time for a change. I know it's just a light, but it's nice if you have been away from your phone for awhile and a quick glance can tell you if it's a personal email or work email, a tweet or other message. BTW today's my bday if you want to ship an EVO my way. I can't upgrade until Dec 1st;(

Yes...when attached to the charger, you will have the orange charging indicator light on the left; then, if you get a new text, the indicator on the right will light to the color you have selected(red, green, or orange).

The service only runs when you receive a message and stays running until the message is read. Any other time the service is not running.

This works great! Is what I really would like to know is how I can receive a notification when my phone is plugged in that I have received a text message.

Meh, Nexus One has a dozen or so colors that the trackball can be set to.

I generally have it set to:

New Facebook Notification = Blue
New SMS = Green
New Gmail = Red
New Google Voice = White

I've been running this since it came out and love it! only thing to note is that the wimax service requires superuser permissions so every time a txt or mms is coming in you see the little popup at the bottom of the screen that says something like "wimax service has been granted super user permissions" and then once you open the txt or mms it says the wimax service has been disabled.

Question for those who have been using this: have you noticed the "wimax service has been granted super user permissions" message pops up but a text never comes in? Makes me wonder if I'm missing any txt messages coming in even though I don't think I've missed any.

EDIT: there is an option to turn off the service notifications but it's in the section of options that has a strong warring about messing with them.

Hmm, un rooted here. Got a new Evo and have yet to root again, but this still works. Seems like its LIKE a superuser permission notification, but it's just a notification for the actual LED. Which, as you mentioned - yes, can be turned off. I think those other options are what you don't want to mess with, seems pretty safe to turn off that "notification."

The Evo has been out for almost 4 months, and this is the first we're hearing about this second LED indicator? Oh well. I'm pleased!

this has been out for about a month now. I guess it just hasn't been talked about much. I found it on XDA when it was first released.

oh, i use handcent on my droid x, if you have a RGB light. you might aswell make a new sms cyan!

LOVE IT! I have it set on green and red blinking indicator for WiMax and it is so much more helpful because i get a new email or sms about every 10 minutes or less. So for me I know what is more needed on attention than just unlocking the phone and seeing its a spam email...GREAT APP! Thanx for the tip AC!

Wow, that's amazing. I had nooo idea that was there, but I've only had the phone for a month. This app works so far, so thank you for letting us EVO users know. :)