Nexus One with Gingerbread

A report today suggests that a second Google phone is not only real, but is due out by the end of the year. If true, this device would be the follow-up to the very popular but now developer-only (in the U.S.) Nexus One

The report says that Google has made a deal with Carphone Warehouse to sell the phones overseas. Google is looking to avoid direct selling from carriers this time around and is looking for a partner that is already in the business of selling unlocked phones. 

The story also states that this phone will run the next iteration of Android, Gingerbread, which could have been expected. This is very interesting news and it definitely has us excited at the possibility of another Google phone. Hopefully U.S. customers will be able to buy the phone easily through Best Buy, since it is a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. We'll keep you updated. [CityAM via Eurodroid]

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kadield says:

this is flipping awesome news!

SaltheTech says:

After the failure that was the Nexus one customer service would anyone want this device? awesome though it may be?

jj1814 says:

because customer service for the Nexus One has not failed some of us in the first place?

Hooters#AC says:

What an idiot.

Prof-KOS says:

Oh, Please let this be true. I live in the Great White North where good Android phones are scarce. My Nexus One is starting to show its age, but man do I love it.

willxcore says:

If it weren't for the Nexus One I wouldn't even have an Android phone right now. And if they don't make another "Google Phone" I probably won't get anymore and just jump to an iPhone. So I'm really hoping for this Nexus Two...

jelly roll says:

nexus 2 please be true.
nexus 2 please be true
nexus 2 please be true

Stang68 says:

Please let this be Verizon capable. Pleaseeee God. I'm tired of getting fucked by VZW and Moto etc...just let me buy a stock Android device that I can get instant updates for.

bnob99 says:

I would love to have a google phone. I'm so sick of hardware manufacturers getting into the software business and making people wait 6 months for something google phone gets asap. I would buy a nexus one for sprint right now if they existed. Still better than any phone they offer currently.

Smokexz says:

Urgh this news is making me reconsider the HD7.... if this is real I might not ditch Android lol

SnakeEyez says:

I feel you man, I was planning on buying the MyTouch 4G/HD next week but if this rumored google phone b4 Christmas might make me reconsider.

ZDriver says:

Hopefully they make a CDMA version too PLEASE

StuRoid says:

What good would a CDMA unlocked phone be? Where else would you use it? lol, it's still locked to the carriers CDMA network

ZDriver says:

Ok well I want a sprint version hows that!

BigVDawgy says:


StuRoid says:

That would require a LTE network for a start.

MSgtSimon says:

What's the point of a CDMA data device in the first place? POINTLESS.

bkrodgers says:

"Hopefully U.S. customers will be able to buy the phone easily through Best Buy, since it is a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse."

I think that's backwards...

ConceptVBS says:

Its made by Samsung.

hypergraffic says:

That source doesn't look particularly credible to me. CityAM? And their "trusted industry source"...? I dunno.

vinny#AC says:

I am hoping this is true. Love my Nexus One.The only replacement that I can see is the Nexus 2. As far as I'm concerned the best made looking device to date. It has it's quirks but there is not a better feeling device in the hand. Also own the G2, great phone but it just isn't the Nexus One.
Thanks Android Central

ima_unc_fan says:

I hate articles like this when I'm looking for my next phone. Wait or jump...??

El Jefe says:

Seriously? If you keep waiting to see what is next, you will never be happy. Better technology will always be coming out, get what you want & don't worry about it not being the best because no matter what it is..there will ALWAYS be something better right around the corner.

weehooherod says:

I wish T-Mobile's coverage didn't suck or AT&T wasn't so expensive. I loved my Nexus One but jumped to Sprint for the Evo because of the shotty network. I'd love to get a Nexus Two but I suppose I'll have to wait for a CM7'd version of the Sprint equivalent.

Simer03 says:

hell dream has come true!!! A vanilla android phone that will receive updates like the Nexus One! This will be the phone to get me to rid myself of my Nexus!!

StuRoid says:

Yeah, as long as it isn't made by Samsung...I'm sure even they could find a way to delay an update on a stock Android phone lol

Simer03 says:

i definitely wouldnt mind Samsung to make it!

Stock Android Gingerbread + SAMOLED screen = ME WANT!!!

4.3 inch screen dual core super amoled. Mmmmmm my n1 replacement. Mmmm maybe Google is doing this as a shot at vzw binging its customers. Lol

Starku says:

Of course, I finally settle on the G2 and now this... Hopefully this phone will be a worthy sucessor to the N1.

gb2010 says:

Another Nexus phone ... hmmm ... I wonder what kind of specs it will have

frozencloud says:

This is probably going to be GSM based since most of the world is on GSM. However, I wonder how this is going to work without it being in stores. Wouldn't the same problem reoccurred as the N1 because the standard consumer cant get their hand on the device. Or is this phone just aimed at developers and not the average consumer?

And what is up with this spam filter....i keep getting this spam filter error

Wesley1 says:

If this is true I will buy it, especially if it is made by Samsung or LG, cause they both use proper size batteries and good onboard storage unlike HTC. The LG should also have a Tegra 2 processor and the Samsung could have either Super Amoled or Super LCD screen.

j-riz says:

Assuming that this has any validity, (which I hope it does) I wonder if this is Google's answer to the cries of virtually EVERY hardcore Android fan for just ONE high spec vanilla device other than the mighty Nexus One.

I mean, Google won't stand up to the carriers and keep them from removing features. They also won't stand up to manufacturers and their custom UIs. I know Google doesn't OWE us anything, but I'd be nice.

Heck, it'd also be nice if they were a little better at supporting this alleged device and seeing to it that known issues are fixed. (touch buttons on Nexus One, etc.)

got_droids says:

If this is true, I will cry. I purchased the G2 because Google said there was not going to be a Nexus Two :( and I am already passed my 14 days with T-Mobile. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

Oh man if this turns out to be true, I cant wait to see what they release. If true they have a guaranteed sale right here.

Android Rules.

GQ50 says:

I hope its true and is sold in the states as well.. I missed my opportunity to get the N1. I have a Captvte and though its a great phone, I'd luv a vanilla Nexus.. Especially it being a newer model..hope its compatible w/At&t.. I'd buy it in a heart beat.

kataloony says:

i hoooooooooooooooooooooooope that
and please dont forget the trackBall

keilflex says:

i dont see no matter what they said, peeps didnt believe there wasnt gonna be a nexus two. after the unsuccess , as they say, the user comments were immaculate since day one. i cant wait. but i have and will for that phone. keepin the grandaddy for now. :-)