Carbon backup

Let us turn now to the other Carbon app for Android (no, not that one -- this one), which today has seen its second beta release. This Carbon serves as a way to back up your app and, perhaps more important your app data, and move both between devices. 

This second beta brings Dropbox support, gives more control over what you can back up (more apps at once, or all apps), and you can choose to backup everything at once, if you want. This one's still a root-only thing, but Koush says that should change with the third and final beta release.

Source: @Koushik Dutta


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Second Carbon backup beta brings Dropbox support


This app makes more sense to be called Carbon, IMO.

Hoping to get support next. Need to put that 50gb to use.

box has a 100mb limit on uploads. which is why i think he left it out. larger batch backups can be way larger then that.

this will be really handy for transferring my apps and settings that don't have an import/export option from phone to tab and vice versa. not to mention, the ability to just restore an app back to it's former state after loading a fresh rom ala titanium backup.

Can anyone who has used this and DataSync compare the two? I use DataSync and haven't found a reason to try anything else, but if this is legitimately better/more convenient I would be open to switching.

I would say that DataSync is the better solution (I've tried Carbon and have DataSync+), simply due to the automatic feature where DataSync will upload data when selected applications have been closed and checks for newer data when those selected applications have been opened on a different device. The only downside to this method is the fact that each time data is restored, the application has to be restarted.

Carbon uses adb backup and restore and currently, a user has to open Carbon and then pull the updated data manually. Now, I've not actually used Carbon to restore data but I would imagine that is spawns an adb restore window, just like it spawns an adb backup window when backing up. For me, that's a lot less elegant than the little "restart app" pop that DataSync+ gives you.

If you your device isn't rooted and you don't wish to root, I can see Carbon being an ideal backup/sync solution but for anyone wanting to backup data outside of application data, such as SMS/MMS, Carbon doesn't fit the bill. I guess I'm confused as to what Carbon is trying to achieve outside of being a rootless sync/backup solution.

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