While Android users have become pretty accustomed to having to root their devices in order to get screenshots to work outside of using the Android SDK, some devices have the ability to do so without root. The Motorola Atrix 4G, however, had no screenshot apps that worked on it at all. Rooted or unrooted -- they just simply did not work and returned errors when running most popular screenshot apps.

Having received my Motorola Atrix 4G just yesterday, I went looking again to see if this situation had changed and low and behold -- it had. Two apps that have the ability to take screenshots on the Atrix. One is a free app from XDA forum member mindphaze called Screengrabber. The other, called Screenshot it, is a paid app that was updated in the Android Market and now available with a free trial. Both of which work without having the need to root your device.

I tried both out thus far, and while Screengrabber is still in beta form and has very few settings available to it, it is in my personal opinion the one to have if you can get it installed since, AT&T blocked unknown source apps. Screenshot It works as advertised and has more options but the screenshots it takes are a little irregular as they seem to miss a portion of the screen when capturing. Something that hopefully the developer can fix at some point. Jump on past the break for an example of what I mean. Screengrabber can be downloaded via the XDA source link and Screenshot It is in the Android Market. [XDA and Android Market]

Screenshot It


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Screenshot apps that work on the Motorola Atrix 4G, they do exist!

Not really considering we use screenshots on here -- daily. Although, what you said is what most people use em for lol. Honestly, I'm more interested in knowing why previous ones didn't work but I can't find any details on that. Like, what about the Atrix made those ones not work?

OK, I never do this, but, what is that background in the above shots? I love it! Kinda like a minimalist TRON-style vista or something...


samsung galaxy s on us cellular running 2.2 can take screen shots hitting the power and back button at the same time

How did you get your notification bar to be black? Is it a Gingerbread theme of some sort, and how do I do that for my Atrix?? Thanks

I really wish my Vibrant could take screenshots. It's silly that it's built into the Galaxy S ROMs, but not enabled because I don't have the center hardware button like the European version.

It's even accidentally screen captured at times while it was hanging...


I'm the developer of Screenshot It. Does it always miss a portion of the screen like that? I'll try to put out a fix asap!


I just released an update to the "Screenshot It" app that fixes the alignment issues on the left-side of the image. Thanks, AndroidCentral, for pointing that out!