Samsung's rumored round Gear will challenge Moto 360, LG G Watch R

It looks like circular smartwatches are en vogue and Samsung is rumored to be working on its own round Gear watch. The circular smartwatch face has captured a lot of interest since Motorola had announced the Moto 360 due to its more natural aesthetics similar to traditional smartwatches and it looks like Samsung is not one to be left out of the action.

Details are still scarce about Samsung's circular smartwatch plans, and SamMobile admits that it does not know whether the device will be running the Tizen OS, similar to what's available on the Gear 2, or Android Wear, an option that Samsung used for the Gear Live watch and what is available on the Moto 360.

"What our source didn't tell us is when the circular Gear will be made official, though we're guessing it will be a few months after the Galaxy Note 4 gets launched," SamMobile reported, meaning that the circular Gear watch may not be available until late into the holiday shopping season or early next year if that timeline is accurate as the Galaxy Note 4 is widely believed to be launching early next month.

Another round smartwatch that is being teased now is the LG G Watch R.

In addition to the circular Gear, we're also seeing rumors heat up again about a SIM-enabled Gear watch. This smartwatch would not need to be paired with a smartphone to get information and would be a standalone product.

Are you excited about Samsung's circular Gear watch? Knowing Samsung, it would probably be packed with sensors as the Gear 2 comes with a camera, heart rate sensor, and an IR blaster to control your home entertainment system.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung's rumored circular Gear watch will challenge Moto 360, LG G Watch R


? You are continuing this Samsung copying crap into the smartwatch space because they are going to put out a *round* watch.

ok, I know you find it fun, but this one is really reaching.

If this does come with Android Wear, a camera, heart rate sensor, and an IR blaster, that would be enough reason to dump my Tizen Gear 2.

Yes, but as i write this, 7% was still 212 people who were reading droid life today AND decided to vote on that poll......
To let you understand a little better, US population as od 2012 was around 320million people, 7% of that would be 22.4million watches...... 7% is still huge. Most Android phone manufacturers are in the range of 2-3%

Watches, timepieces, are functional jewelry. As such, there is a market for thousands of styles, most of which are round.

I have no interest in paying to be a proof of concept alpha tester. Because of accelerating evolution of technology there should be many affordable, desirable, and attractive choices during the Holiday 2015 season.

DL is "the Verge" of Google/motorola community. Not a real android community like AC.

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LOL samesung at it again! Blatantly copying everyone and everything everyone else do. No one at samesung has ever had an original thought of their own. Such a shame.
Oh well, at least we know what the galaxy s6 new features will be months in advance....
.... Apple announce the iPhone 6 shortly. Whatever innovative new features apple have come up with be shamelessly stolen and copied for s6. Lol they even copied apple's phone numbering sequence!

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Oh yea lets not forget the time Samsung stole the idea for the rectangular smart phone. Now they are stealing the idea for round watches... Lol

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lmao right? There are like 20 of them, and they legitimize each other with the same inane comments back and forth. They really believe there is substance to the comments.

For example : "Lol they even copied apple's phone numbering sequence!"

No, Apple went 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, etc. Samsung went S, S2, S3, S4, S5

They even had the Galaxy S out over a year before Apple started using the S. But of course, once again Samsung is 'copying'. lmao losers.

You're saying that creating a round watch was original to begin with...?

And that naming each new version of your product in numerical order is copying as well?


What exactly have Samsung stolen from apple? And I know plenty of things apple have stolen from Samsung. Why is it such a big deal anyway if samsung make a round smartwatch.

I haven't worn a watch in over a dozen years, and I don't intend to start wearing one now.

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I have to agree I wanted a moto360 but stopped and thought I don't use a watch now so why would I need this

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Thought the same thing until I received an original gear watch as a present. If you use your phone a fair amount, you will love being able to check notifications the second they come in with only a 1/2 second glance. The other things a smart watch does are just extra to me, but that alone saves me much time every day.

Buyers remorse is in the air. So glad I'm patient. Everyone knew moto had something including LG, Sammy and everyone else who waited. The


"Samsung always come with new product line. Nobody does it better. The Gold standard of android Gear."

- Richardyarrell1

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People, you do realize that all of these things were designed like 6 months ago right? Right? Please say you know that...

+1. I had seen in this thread that Apple invent stuff. Ha ha. They take everything and say they invented it. I love the fact that both Apple and Samsung do this all the time yet everyone picks sides. 6 of 1 and 2 3's of the other. By the way. The round watch has been around for hundred's of years ;)

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The more Motorola holds off on the launch (I know it's probably for good reason), the less of the market they will take. Now everyone is going to be doing circle designs.

They totally screwed themselves. These new round smartwatches WON'T have the big black bar at the bottom, making the Moto look very first gen. and dated. They should've launched with LG and Samsung way back. What a shame and massive blunder.

I agree that they are STILL shooting themselves in the foot by waiting, I mean the Moto 360 is nice and all but is it going to be THAT nice when being compared to several other smartwatches? No, not by a long shot. People were saying that all they wanted was a Moto 360 even a couple weeks ago, but now all people are talking about is what OTHER options we will all have for round smartwatches. And with rumors about no sapphire glass etc. In the air, even more people will be waiting for a watch with the features that Motorola WON'T HAVE. and with IFA, we will finally have a full selection of watches to choose from. Good luck Motorola, you might still have a sale, or you might lose many for wasting everyone's time by releasing your watch too late.

The only problem is...only compatible with Samsung devices. Lol

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Not a problem with Android Wear. I don't see Samsung making Tizen powered watches for too much longer.

If all this is true the 360 has a lot of competition so it's really going to come down to is it easy enough to see in direct sunlight and it looks

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I own lots of watches. They are an accessory to me.
No problem buying good watches. I have real problem buying the junk they are trying to pass off as watches.
They seem to want everything to be trendy. You want to sell a watch to people like me?
It better look and act like a watch *FIRST*.

But it is made by a plastic manufacturer who is deserting google with an OS called tizen.

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There seem to be several major factors to fix before Wear becomes a truly viable idea. By IFA 2015 it just might be. If you combined something like clear black display from Nokia with 5-7 day battery life and much more useful Apps it just might be.

Awesome AC.

can't wait that long.. already passed up the Lg G and the Gear Live for the 360... i had the Gear 1 and sold it waiting for the 360... i need my smartwatch back! : >

I'm not sure how a manufacturer can "compete" with a watch that doesn't exist.

Motorola has only announced that...someday...they're going to start making the Moto360...maybe.